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Interview: Chatting with Australian Sibling trio The Germein Sisters

The Germein Sisters are a sibling Indie-Folk trio from Australia who cross over into country pop. Despite being new to me, they already have a huge following worldwide. They have headlined Adelaide’s Elder Park stadium NYE celebrations for 30,000 people, have represented Australia at various International festivals and they are consistently compared to the likes of Haim and First Aid Kit. The Germein Sisters will appeal to fans of artists such as Ward Thomas, The Shires and Wildwod Kin.

The Girls, have broken the top 100 in Australia, Germany and Switzerland. Toured the world extensively performing with the likes of The Corrs, Sting & Paul Simon, Catfish & The Bottlemen & on several UK and Global tours opening for Ronan Keating, another great champion of the band.

The girls return to the UK and Europe this month to play a number of shows including an appearance at Isle Of Wight Festival June 10th. This marks the third consecutive year that they have played the festival proving their popularity with both fans and festival organisers.

I caught up with the girls for a quick chat to discuss their new music, including current single 100 Years, the Australian music scene and of course Isle Of Wight Festival.


Hi girls how are you? Can you introduce yourselves and tell us who does what in the band?

Hey we are going great thanks! We are the Germein Sisters, comprised of Georgia (lead vocals, guitar, keyboard), Ella (backing vocals, electric cello, bass), and Clara (backing vocals, drums).

How would you describe your music?

Indie Pop Folk

You are sisters, did you always play together growing up, was a sibling band always the goal?

We’ve always loved playing music together ever since we were little, putting on concerts for our family and friends. I don’t think we ever expected for things to go this far, but we are loving where our music is taking us and are enjoying the ride!

Are there ever any challenges working with family or do you find it quite the opposite in the sense of because you are family, you always have each others backs?

Like all families, we certainly have our challenges – but at the same time it makes it so much easier because we know we’re in it for the long haul and we trust each other and can support each other.

Tell us something about the other? Any hidden talents not music related or any quirky traits?

Georgia rescues orphaned kangaroo joeys (currently has 5 pet kangaroos), Ella is amazing at painting and photography, and Clara is great at sports and is a qualified surfing teacher.

Your music has at times been described as country pop blended with folk. Is that right?

We never really considered our music to be country, although in 2014 entered a busking competition at a Festival in Australia called the Tamworth Country Music Festival and we won which was pretty cool! I think our harmonies, melodies, and story telling in our songs is what gives us a bit of a country vibe; and we love that we can cross over into this genre. It’s fantastic that there seems to be a really supportive country music scene in Australia.

How immersed are you in the country scene over there and which other Australian artists do you recommend? Apart from Keith Urban haha. I love Kaylens Rain, Jasmine Rae, Rachel Fahim and Tori Forsyth.

There are a lot of great Australian country artists including The Mcclymonts, Troy Cassar Daley, and Casey Chambers are some of our favourites.

Australia seem to have some great Country festivals. Would you say that they are events we need to make the effort to check out? How do they differ from UK and US festivals apart from the weather ha!

We have played at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in New South Wales, which has a really Aussie atmosphere and is a lot of fun! Definitely worth checking out! It’s hard to compare it to the Isle of Wight Festival in the UK though!

Have you ever been to Nashville and if not is it on the cards?

No we haven’t been but would love to sometime soon!

You seem to have a large following in Germany and Switzerland and have charted in the top 100 of Germanys mainstream charts – that must be quite a wonderful feeling? You are playing there this month, have you played before? If so, how is the scene over there, what are the fans like and where abouts have you played?

We love playing in Europe and are looking forward to touring there after the Isle of Wight. Our first tour of Germany was in 2013 and it’s a fantastic place to gig with really supportive audiences. We have played all kinds of shows from festivals, music clubs, TV shows, radio, and school performances.

I love Germany and have to ask what your favourite areas and traditions are? Also, can you speak German?

We base ourselves in Frankfurt, although we’ve toured all over Germany. Some of our favourite places include Munich, Schwerin, Berlin, and Idar Oberstein. We learnt a little German in school and love to practice on stage, although we wouldn’t say we are fluent! We can get by though and most Germans speak English, which makes it easier for us.

When you travel to places such as the UK and Germany, Switzerland, do you like to try out different types of food? If so, what are you looking forward to eating in the UK and Germany and Switzerland and if I go to Australia what food must I try?

We had fish and chips in Scotland the other night, we love the fresh fruit in Germany, and Switzerland has really good chocolate and cheese! In Australia we recommend trying Vegemite which is a spread that you have on toast – but it’s pretty salty so only a small serving is needed.

Your debut single was Da Da Doo – can you tell me a little bit about the story behind the song and the writing process?

I (Georgia) wrote Da Da Doo when I was quite young. The lyrics and melody “Da Da Doo” just popped into my head one day, and then I added verses and a bridge to it. It was just a fun song and came together really quickly. When we eventually recorded it in a professional studio, we never picked it as the single until everyone we played the album to said it was their favourite. It’s a simple catchy song and we’re really happy people have gotten behind it.

You got work with Sharon Corr on your album Because You Breathe – how did that project come to be and how was she to work with? Did you write together?

We recorded the album in Ireland with producer Billy Farrell who had also produced The Corrs. He played the album to Sharon and she really liked it and played violin on two songs “How Can I Close My Eyes” and “Please Be Ok”. It was amazing!

You have had a great relationship with Isle of Wight Festival and have become fast favourites of the festival organisers and Festival goers. What keeps bringing you back to the festival? I have never been and would like to someday so how would you describe the festival in comparison to others and why should people go, what are your favourite things about the festival?

The Isle of Wight Festival has such a fun and energetic atmosphere. It’s like no festival we’ve ever played at! There is a really feel good vibe and we always have a great time performing on the big stages. There’s so much talent to check out over the weekend, as well as so many things to do and see. We definitely recommended anyone interested to go for it!

What can fans expect from your set this year?

Fans can expect a really energetic performance, with a handful on new songs as well as some old favourites. We have 3 shows over the weekend so check out our website for all the details.

Which artists will you be checking out across the weekend?

We’re excited to see so many of the artists including Arcade Fire, Bastille, Zara Larson, The Vamps, David Guetta, Rod Stewart, and The Second Songs to name a few!

As well as Isle Of Wight Festival, you are making a stop in London at The Water Rats. Tell us about your UK fan base and how do UK audiences and Australian audiences differ? We often get told we are fairly silent and attentive.

I think Australian and UK audiences are pretty similar if anything, they love to make noise and have a good time but also pretty attentive. We love playing to both the UK and Australian audiences.

Your current single is titled 100 Years , tell me about that song. It is rather anthemic and seems to be a song about optimism?

Yes “100 Years” is an energetic anthemic song about embracing life and making the most of the time we have.

Have you listened to much UK country? We have some great groups that are similar to your style and sibling groups too such as Ward Thomas and Wildwood Kin.

Not a lot to be honest, but we would love to check out any recommendations you may have!

Are you working in a new album? If so, when can we expect it ?

Yes we are currently working on a new album, which we hope to share with our fans as soon as we can.

We mentioned Isle Of Wight Festival and you seem to be quite involved in the festival scene. Are you familiar with C2C Festival in London and do you have any plans to perform there as you would fit the bill quite snuggly.

We aren’t familiar with C2C but it sounds great! Maybe we could play there in 2018!

When can we expect a return to the UK?

Yes, if not later this year definitely in 2018.

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview with me today. Have a great trip here and an amazing time at Isle of Wight and of course Germany and Switzerland, we can’t wait to hear all about it.

No worries Hannah, thanks for your support!

100 Years – Single by Germein Sisters


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