One of The Pierces, returns!!

Year of the Rabbit marks Allison Pierce’s first album as a solo artist, following two decades with her sister in the acclaimed duo, The Pierces.

This album feels like the most important creative outpouring of my life so far,Allison Pierce says of her solo debut, Year of the Rabbit (Sony Masterworks),
produced by Ethan Johns (Ryan Adams, Ray LaMontagne, Paul McCartney).

The new album is Allison’s first as a solo artist, following two decades of recording and performing with her sister Catherine as The Pierces.

The duo’s five albums and constant tours brought them critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase, especially in Britain.
But as the years passed, each longed to express herself unfettered by the other, and in August 2015, The Pierces decided to take a break, whereupon the sisters launched solo careers.


In Chinese astrology, rabbit is the symbol for hope. For Pierce, it also means transformation.

The rabbit in Alice in Wonderland was what took her from her mundane world into the spiritual and mystical realm, where she was transformed.”

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