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Ward Thomas – A Shorter Story – EP – Review

Catherine and Lizzy Ward Thomas have the ability to turn any song into a masterpiece. One of the things I love most about their live shows is the part where they put in an amazing cover of a chart topping song and put a completely different spin on it. I wouldn’t even say that they Countrify the songs because well, they “Ward Thomas” the songs which make them sound even better.

For those who have the deluxe version of From Where We Stand will be familiar with their killer cover of Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror which certainly has an interesting twist on it but in a genius way.

What Ward Thomas have done with this EP is bring together some of the biggest charting hits from artists such as Crowded House, Justin Timberlake, Damien Rice, Kings Of Leon and more recently Years and Years and turned best loved classics into their own songs, with their Ward Thomas spin, but still retaining part of the song’s originality and making the songs very current.

This EP does not disappoint and I truly believe there is not a song out there that the girls cannot sing or transform into a stand out piece of art. Catherine and Lizzy have two of the most beautiful and harmonious voices in the music industry and their voices blend so perfectly together which I am sure having years of practice as twins has helped but despite that, I think these girls have natural voices that could work alongside anyone.

The first cover off the EP is Damien Rice’s The Blower’s Daughter. This song, when it was first released by Damien, used to always have me in tears to the point that I could no longer listen to it. This version though, it’s just so stunning and taking on a Damien Rice song is very brave as he is so distinctive and emotive with his hard hitting vocals – but the girls produce a more than worthy cover which isn’t as heart rendering to listen to which is a plus for me ha! It isn’t as haunting and chilling as the original but it has a nice feel to it and they have really made the song their own.

What Goes Around……Comes Around – one of Justin Timberlake’s most notable songs. I really love this version, it is lovely to hear a female vocal on the song. I wouldn’t say I was exactly a Justin Timberlake fan but I cannot deny that the man is insanely talented. The girls take on it, the Ward Thomas spin on it really works and their vocals reach a level we have possibly never heard before. The girls have their harmonies on point and this cover for me, is really exciting and they have shown that this song still remains completely current.

ShineYears and Years have become one the UK’s biggest success story over the last few years. Their songs are some of the finest dance songs that are actually lyrically brilliant with a lot of depth making their music so much more than just dance. Ward Thomas deliver a delightful version which live acoustically will no doubt be heavenly.

Walls – This Kings Of Leon cover starts with Catherine singing which really suits her voice and fits comfortably within her vocal range. I am not a massive Kings Of Leon fan but Ward Thomas have made me love this song. They have produced such a hauntingly beautiful version and again, have made the song their own, it also has a bit of an 80’s twist to it.

Better Be Home Soon – I love Crowded House and would usually be critical of a cover of any of their songs but as I have said before, Ward Thomas can sing anything and they certainly compliment this song. Again, it is interesting to hear this song with a female vocal which not only gives the song a different angle but a new zest of life and will hopefully reach a younger audience, introducing them to the wonderful band that is Crowded House.

I am so pleased that Ward Thomas have decided to release a covers EP as any Ward Thomas fan would have been waiting a long time for this and I know many fans have suggested the idea to them over the years. Ward Thomas are the best at covers. I would have loved it if they included their version of Hozier’s Take Me To Church because in my opinion, their version of that is even better than the original.

This EP is worth getting whether you know Ward Thomas or not as these girls voices are, as I have previously stated, some of the best, purest and natural voices in the music industry. Ward Thomas are doing so well at the moment with Radio 1 airplay for their single Guilty Flowers and of course being the first ever UK country act to have a number one charting album with their second album Cartwheels.

Well done girls, never stop playing the odd cover at your shows and please release more studio versions of them.

A Shorter Story – EP by Ward Thomas


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