C2C Festival 2017

Interview : Chatting with Cassadee Pope at C2C Festival

Cassadee Pope is one of most talented women in Country Music today and not just Country but the music industry as a whole. With a fantastic voice that sounds like no other, Cassadee’s career is only going to go from strength to strength.

Last time Cassadee Pope was in the UK was in 2014 as part of an industry showcase alongside UK Country Music duo The Shires. As it was a showcase, Cassadee only sang four songs so to have her back doing various shows across the entire weekend of London’s C2C Festival was a dream come true for all of us fans and for Cassadee too.

I caught up with Cassadee during the C2C weekend to discuss her music, C2C, her grammy nominated duet Think Of You with Chris Young and her engagement. I saw her engagement ring and have to say WOW! It is the most beautiful ring that I have ever seen.

In person, Cassadee is the sweetest, the kindest and the most humble artist I have ever met. She made me feel so comfortable and it was like two gals just having a chat as if we had struck up a conversation at a friends party or something.

If you aren’t yet familiar with Cassadee’s music then I recommend that you get familiar because her music is so authentic, melodious and really quite lovely. Her album Frame by Frame is one of my favourite records and her EP Summer is just as good with mesmerising songs such as Kisses At Airports and Alien, showing a strong indication of what to expect from Cassadee in the future.

I hope you enjoy our chat.

Welcome back to the UK, we are so excited to have you back.

Thank you.

Last time you were here was in 2014 with The Shires for an industry showcase right?


That was an amazing show, it was only four songs I think, but you gained so many fans that night.

How is your second visit? You have already performed twice this weekend, haven’t you?

Yeah, it’s been kind of a whirlwind. I got here Tuesday, so I got to do some touristy things. I went to Buckingham Palace, I went to Harrods. I was drooling over everything, it was amazing.

Did you do any shopping?

No, I didn’t do any shopping – I was tempted, but it was just one of those places I had to see. A lot of my favourite designers are in there. It was really cool to see some Roberto Cavalli. I actually have an aunt who lives in Kent, so I went to see her.

That’s cool and random.

Yeah I know. She married a British man and moved over here, which is cool because
I get to see her and her son and her husband and the city and the countryside – which has all been a lot of fun.

It sounds it. Well firstly, there’s a couple of congratulations for you. Congratulations on your engagement!

Thank you!

Also, congratulations on the success of the single Think Of You with Chris Young. How did that duet come to be – and did you expect it to have the success that it has had?

Oh, my gosh! I definitely wasn’t expecting what it has done. The way it came about was that we were doing an acoustic ‘Songwriters in the round’ with Chris and, as it was a round, we were going around in circles and playing a song each. It was the first time Chris had heard me sing and he already had ‘Think Of You’ but was just looking for a female counterpart. I was there, he liked what he heard, so next thing I know I had ‘Think Of You’ in my inbox and I thought it was a really good song. I didn’t know if it was going to be a single at that point, but thought it should be, as it’s amazing. I recorded it with him in the studio not too long afterwards and it was such an amazing experience. Chris is such an easy guy to get along with.

He seems it.

He is, and we sing really well together- we just blended. Then I found out it was going to be a single and I was like ‘Oh, My Gosh!’, this could actually be a big deal. Then it gave me my first Number One, so I was very happy about that.

and many award nominations including a Grammy?

and a Grammy nomination! I got nominated with him for almost every Country award show really, which is pretty exciting.

It is, but well deserved.

Thank you!

I absolutely love the song – and of course we had Chris Young on the main stage last night. I think I speak for the entire audience when I say we were all wishing and hoping you were going to come out on stage with him for that song – and when you did, well the audience went absolutely wild!

I had to. I heard he was playing here and it was like, ‘OK, it’s an excuse to go see my family and sing at the 02 again’.

Yes, I actually thought this weekend was going to be your O2 debut, but you just said in the press room that you have actually performed here before with your band, Hey Monday, supporting Fall Out Boy. In a way, this will be your debut though, as a solo artist.

It’s true- and you know, when we came with Hey Monday, not many knew the songs and not many knew who we were, because we were just starting out. But now, to be here and have people sing along to my songs and also to Think Of You – the crowd were singing so loud, it was pretty spectacular.

I was in the back; you wouldn’t have heard me, but I was singing along with impressive force, haha!

Haha – hey, you contributed, that’s all that matters!

You are on the Yamaha Stage tonight. How easy or hard is it to select songs for a set which is only about two or three songs – and in front of thousands, as it’s in the main arena. For any artist, it’s a moment when you must have to put a fair amount of thought into it, as you need to make your mark.

It is hard – oh, my gosh! I’m actually still not sure!

Lucie Silvas said exactly the same thing.

Yes, I mean I know one song that I definitely want to play is a new one called Me, Myself and Wine, which I would love to show the fans. Other than that, there are so many that I want to do so, to narrow it down to three is so hard; it’s like choosing songs for an album – you love them all and don’t want to cut any out.

Well, that actually leads me to my next question about your EP, Summer. That also must have been hard – to select just four songs

Yeah, it was. I mean, a lot of the songs cut out were songs I either had just written or had in my back pocket for years, so it really didn’t matter if it was ones which were most recent. I just wanted ones that were best to represent me going into this next project.

Well, I absolutely love it!

Thank you.

I love every song, but I have to say my favourite is Kisses At Airports.

Aww, thank you!

Could you just give us a little bit of background about that song?

Well, I heard that song and I remember crying, because obviously I travel a lot, so I am leaving my loved ones all the time, which is pretty hard. Also, we have all witnessed somebody coming home or going out to serve their country, which is so emotional either way. Being able to actually connect to that, I thought was very important, so I really needed this song. I was so lucky that the songwriters gave it to me, because that’s a career-defining song. When you have something like that on a body of work, it kind of brings it all together. It’s about heartbreak and love, and it’s just as important as writing a song or playing a song about life itself, and it’s relatable to everybody. It’s really an accomplishment.

Are you working on an album?

I am. Tirelessly, ha! I was out with Chris all of last year so I haven’t had time to breathe – and the EP was hard enough to get done in the middle of all that. I am really excited now to be able to play some shows here and there, but for the most part be in the studio.

Will it include some of the songs already on the EP – and will it be in a similar direction sonically?

I think it will be in a similar direction. My songwriting is pretty down the middle. You will still hear that pop-country side of me, but hear different stories. I am writing about what I’m going through in life. You go through different phases and different things, so I will kind of show people what I have been through.

I can’t wait for it!

Country radio in America is obviously a big deal; artists can rely heavily on it to get fans to buy their music. It’s particularly hard for women in Country, as you seem to get less radio play. In the UK, we don’t really have Country radio; we have our internet stations and we have Chris Country and Bob Harris who does an hour a week, but nothing mainstream – not like it is in America, where you will always find a Country station.

How does it feel to have such a huge fan base in the UK, knowing your music sells, knowing people will buy tickets to see you without the influence of radio? That’s because we mostly hear about artists from each other – fans having a conversation – and recommendations, searching the internet, seeing what’s up and new in the States. It must be quite nice to have all that and not have to push for radio play here?

It is. I definitely love Country radio in America and I have made a lot of good friends and they have done incredible things for my career, but there is something really organic and magical coming over here. All of a sudden people are singing along and you’re just like, ‘Wait, all I did was put out a song – and that’s all I had to do?’ You have to come here though, for the fans- and it is a luxury to be here and to be able to say ‘Thank you’ to people face to face. It says a lot about the UK fans, because it is not very easy to access the music – especially if you don’t have the CDs in the stores here, so the fact that they find a way and they are still passionate about it, is pretty beautiful.

You recently did a set at The Bluebird Sessions this weekend and you just said in the press room that you premiered a new song there. Is that the same one you want to do tonight – Me, Myself and Wine?

Yeah. It’s a song about how things really go when you go through a break-up. It’s not always you come out the other side a stronger person right away. You kind of go through a rough period where you’re wearing sweatpants and you’re sitting on the couch eating Ice cream, crying at every movie you watch. I was kinda being real about it and I think everybody will relate to that – everybody’s been through it.

Well, thank you so much for talking to me today. I have had so much fun and I am unbelievably excited for tonight. Us fans have been waiting so long for you to come back and I am so glad the time is finally here. I do hope you come back and do a tour, as it will sell out.

Trust me, I have always loved coming over here – and the fans are always so great – so I have every intention of coming back and doing a tour.

Well we can’t wait.

You can purchase Cassadee’s album Frame By Frame and EP Summer below

Frame By Frame by Cassadee Pope

Summer EP by Cassadee Pope

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