Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

The C2C audience wished Brothers Osborne could’ve ‘Stayed A Little Longer’ after their unforgettable set in London

I had been wanting to see Brothers Osborne live for a long time now so when they were announced as part of the line up for C2C I was beyond excited. Having spoken to John Osborne’s wife Lucie Silvas last year, she informed me that Brothers Osborne would blow me away and they really did.

Thankfully, Brothers Osborne made the main stage line up which given the calibre of artists playing across the festival this year, any one of those artists could have taken that main stage slot but then again after winning Vocal Duo Of The Year at the CMA Awards, it was hardly surprising.

Brothers TJ and John Osborne who make up Brothers Osborne, recently released their debut album Pawn Shop as a re-issue in the UK with bonus tracks.

Brothers Osborne were first up on the main arena on Sunday, the final day of C2C Festival 2017. With a promising line up that day with artists such as Maren Morris, Marty Stuart and Zac Brown Band, Brothers Osborne had to really make their mark in order to even be on par with the other artists. Well…they really had nothing to worry about as they went beyond being on par and actually gave the rest of the line up a tough act to follow.

From the very second that Brothers Osborne took to the stage the atmosphere was pumping – they kicked off the festival finale with one hell of a noise and in the best kind of way with their song Down Home. TJ’s baritone along with the dark, southern rock sounds instrumentally gave the festival a whole different vibe making the arena a lot more alive and kicking.

Every seat was filled and the audience were clearly enjoying every second. Those who had never heard them before were becoming fast fans. The brothers were showing C2C the rebellious side of country with a hardcore, rockin set that was electrifying and on fire. Rum was one of the most memorable songs for me. With the video playing on the backdrop behind, the audience participated in the strong sounding chorus where TJ’s baritone bounced off the walls. His voice is so fine with a deep south, rough tone that captures the attention of his audience in one note.

TJ and John ain’t fooling around when it comes to a live show. They play exactly how they want to play, there’s no false persona, no gimmicks, they play it like it is and if you don’t like it? I’m not sure that bothers them much.

The Brothers Osborne’s musical stylings lean more towards an alternative country sound blended with roots, bluesy and southern rock and they gave us a solid performance that will last in people memories for a long time, if not forever. Everything about their set was mesmerising, especially the insane guitar/fretwork from John Osborne which blows your mind and you stand there thinking what was that? That was crazy!

Providing a very satisfying set list for such a short time slot and finishing with Stay A Little Longer and That Ain’t My Fault, they left us wanting them to stay a little longer. No one wanted it to end and they made a point to make sure everyone knew about their headline show at The Dingwalls the next day. A show I bought a ticket for but in the end, sadly could not make.

Brothers Osborne are bringing a whole new sound and style to mainstream country and I hope they are here to stay.

Their live show was Unmissable, Unforgettable, Unbelievable and pretty much Unbeatable.

Set list:
Down Home
Greener Pastures
21 Summer
Shoot From the Hip
Loving Me Back
Stay A Little Longer
It Ain’t My Fault


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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Everyone needs their album and to witness a live show. These brothers are gracious, classy, and fabulous musicians.


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