C2C Festival 2017

All roads lead to Temecula Road – Live review at C2C Festival

By Hannah Compton

It’s not every day that you get to go to a huge three day festival in the UK full of some of the finest Country musicians in the world – and it’s not every day that out of all those musicians playing, one of the acts you were most excited to see had only released one song. But one song is how it starts, one song can define a career and one song can show the promise, the potential and the future that an artist can have. For me, one of the groups that I was most looking forward to at Country 2 Country Festival was Temecula Road.

Newly signed trio to Hollywood Records, Temecula Road (who consist of sisters Maddie and Emma Salute and good friend Dawson Anderson) may just be the most exciting new act to emerge into the country music scene today. Having recently released their debut single ‘What If I Kissed You’ and recorded a series of Country music mash ups, as well as a killer cover of The Chainsmokers’ ‘Closer’, Temecula Road created quite a lot of buzz amongst C2C fans as soon as they were announced to play.

Literally, the moment I walked into my hotel as the festivities began, the first people I saw were Temecula Road. After that, I must have bumped into them everywhere I went, The Town Square, Songwriter’s Show, backstage and just wandering around every road under the dome at the 02 – proving that all roads eventually lead to Temecula Road – and I predict the same for their career; that every road they take, their name will be up in lights.

Temecula Road played various outlets surrounding the festival over the weekend and I managed to catch their set at The Indigo on the Sunday. The venue was full with eager fans, many who had been waiting since the start of their career to see them live. Emma, Maddie and Dawson took to the stage with enthusiasm and pride. From the start, they expressed their gratitude to the audience for being there and for making them feel so welcome on their first show in the UK. The three of them are picture perfect and adorable with highly infectious personalities – their stage presence alone would win over any crowd.

Dawson took centre stage with just his guitar and Maddie and Emma, either side of him. Emma played the mandolin throughout and all three shared vocals, making it a wonderful acoustic and intimate setting. Temecula Road began their set with an original song, That’s A Kiss, which is the perfect Country pop song and I could tell this was going to be one heck of a great set.

After each song, a rather excitable Dawson spoke to the audience with such a friendly and likeable approach that he most certainly had the audience in the palm of his hand without even trying. What a charmer. Maddie and Emma too had such delightful banter which was almost timid but really adorable. Hoping was the next song they performed – another original track and yet another smash. The level of maturity in their music for such young musicians is astonishing. Their harmonies are on point and beautiful to listen to. All three members have stand out vocals alone but together, they reach another level.

They instantly reminded me of Gloriana and now that Gloriana have lost their female lead, there is a wide gap in the market just itching for a group such as Temecula Road to take their place and go even further.

The trio went on to sing another potential chart topper called Mind On You before treating the audience with their cover of The Chainsmokers’ Closer, but countrified, and a song that they’ve certainly made their own. In fact, I am so out of the loop with mainstream music these days, that when I first heard it, I assumed it was their song. Having now heard the original, I have to say it’s Temecula Road’s version all the way for me. The crowd loved this version too and everyone sang along, much to the trio’s delight.They continued to showcase their musical and songwriting talents with the song Everything Without You, before having every audience member sing along to their cover of The Eagles’ Desperado. Overwhelmed by their fans, Dawson, Maddie and Emma stood on stage humble and in awe of their reception and ended the set with a memorable performance of their debut single What If I Kissed You. If any act during the C2C weekend is going to be an artist to watch, it’s these guys.

Collectively and individually, they are wonderful role models. Having interviewed them the day before, I must say they were a joy to talk to. Each getting up from their seat to greet me upon arrival, which not every artist does, and taking the time to ask about my day, I felt instantly at ease and knew it would be a fun interview. Temecula Road mums – you must be so proud. Adults will want to adopt them, kids will want to be them, teenagers will want to be their friends – and I want to be their cool UK Aunt haha!

Get walking or driving on the road that will lead you to Temecula Road folks, it’s going to be one hell of a fun and exciting journey!

What If I Kissed You – Single by Temecula Road

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