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Joana Serrat – Cross The Verge – Album Review and UK tour


By Hannah Compton

Joana Serrat is a singer – songwriter from Spain who released her current album Cross the Verge via Loose Music in 2016.

Not knowing much about her myself before listening to this album, I did not know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised.

I had a sudden flash back to the nineties and early 2000’s from the moment I put this cd on. Joana reminds me of all the female artists I listened to when I was younger such as Mazzy Star, The Sundays, Heather Nova, Juliana Hatfield, Joanna Newsom, Drugstore, Trespassers Williams and more recently Feist. Listening to this cd has also made me revert back to those artists, questioning myself to why I ever stopped and now Joana will be one of those artists I will likely always listen to.

Joana Serrat is a truly refreshing artist mixing Dream Pop, Folk, Indie Pop and a splash of Country Which make Cross The Verge the wonderful album that it is.


Joana’s ghostly, echoing, dream sounding vocals are breathtaking and mesmerising with a sweet sounding tone. I feel very peaceful when listening to this album and am taken away from the real world, finding myself almost in a trance, right from the first track Lonely Heart Reverb. No album  has had that affect on me since Eddie Vedder’s Into The Wild Soundtrack.

The country element to this album fits perfectly with the rest of the music and takes the genre into a whole new direction that doesn’t seem to exist much elsewhere.

It is always great to discover something a little different in the country community and Joana Serrat is exactly that, different, but in a wonderful way.

A couple of the tracks are duets with male vocalists. Black Lake features Ryan Bolt who has a has slightly dark and dreary tone and could easily be mistaken for The Handsome Familys Brett Sparks who happens to also be a Loose Music artist. It makes me wonder if he will lend his vocal to this track during their tour together? The other duet is Cloudy Heart which is one of the best and memorable tracks off the album featuring Neil Halstead. This song is really quirky and edgy.

Every song off the album is enjoyable and pleasant and the general flow of the album is spot on making it very easy to listen to. If you like music with a dreamy and ambient tone and enjoy female singers with a gentle and sweet, ghostly tone, then you may just like Joana, especially if you are a fan of any of the artists I mentioned above.

Stand out tracks are Cloudy Heart, Lonely Heart Reverb, Saskatoon ( Break Of Dawn), Oh Winter Come and Tug Of War.

Joana is also heading out on tour next week, some with The Handsome Family and others are headline shows. Check out the dates here;


You can purchase Cross The Verge here;

Cross the Verge by Joana Serrat


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