Introducing adorable and talented young sibling group – The Runaway Hamsters – A Little Country – Single Review


Country Music seems to be influencing and inspiring even younger audiences as it progresses and not just audiences but artists too. There truly is no age limit to being a country star, that’s one of the things I love so much about this genre – you’re never too old and you’re never too young and that is why Country Music is so embracing.

In this genre, the artists look after each other and mentor each other, which is why I was not concerned for a group such as The Runaway Hamsters to have a career at the young age of 10 and 12. It is wonderful to see that younger people are choosing this genre as I believe it is the safest and most honest place to be in the music industry.

The Runaway Hamsters are a vocal group who are made up of twelve-year-old Isabella and her triplet ten-year-old siblings — Abby, Gabby and brother Riley. Their talents don’t stop at singing, they also write their own music. A Little Country was co-written by The Runaway Hamsters and their producer, Grammy-nominated Kent Wells (Dolly Parton) and is the title song off their EP.

I hope they are not offended when I describe them as adorable. Their lyrics are so sweet but also quite mature for their age. I love how the words are so innocent and embracing and also quite inspirational because it really doesn’t matter who you are, you can have a little country inside and you should be proud of it.

“…A little front porch picking and deep fried chicken and a redneck you can’t hide. No matter where from you’re from or which side you’re on of the Mason-Dixon line…everybody’s got A Little Country inside

The melody is fun-lovin, energetic, up beat and incredibly infectious. If this is what they write now, imagine what they will be capable of in years to come? Look out Little Big Town, you may have some competition in the future.

About The Runaway Hamsters

Best known for their musical youth and huge hearts, The Runaway Hamsters create music that is original, engaging and heartfelt. They all love to write and help others and uses the hashtag #wehelpfriends. This started as simply forming a band, writing and recording a song for their good friend, a second grader, who had been diagnosed with brain cancer. “We made CDs which we sold to raise money that was donated to the hospital caring for our friend,” says the kids. “We raised over $1,200 and our story got picked up nationally and we began to get phone calls.” Since then, they have performed from Nashville to LA, opened for Andy Grammer and even played the famous Bluebird Café. They recently wrapped up a performance at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles where they donated instruments and funds to the children at the hospital and became official Jr. Ambassadors. From Boise, Idaho, these kids have been featured on radio stations and in media outlets from coast to coast.

They’re young, they’re energetic, they’re enthusiastic. They’re idealistic & charismatic & have a flair for the dramatic…”The Idaho Stateman

Interviewing these talented kids were so much fun. What I didn’t realize then was they were about to climb to a whole new level of coolness with a Grammy nomination!” – Nashville Access

The Runaway Hamsters bring such a tremendous, positive energy to work and are total pros to work with in every sense! And they are just the sweetest and coolest kids I know!!!” – Kent Wells, Grammy-nominated Producer

They are incredibly talented and insanely cute (other than Riley… he’s a dude and dudes aren’t cute, but he rocks hard!!)…they aren’t only talented but crazy professional and seriously bring it when it counts…” – Roman White, 3x Emmy award-winning videographer

For more information, visit The Runaway Hamsters at the following:
Facebook: @TheRunawayHamsters
Twitter: @TheRunawayHamst
Instagram: @therunawayhamsters
YouTube: TheRunawayHamsters

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