Johnossi – Air Is Free – Single Review

imageSwedish duo Johnossi released ‘Air Is Free’ on October 7th as the lead single and title track from their upcoming EP due on November 8th through Polydor/Universal.

The platinum-selling pair, John Engelbert (vocals/guitar) and Oskar “Ossi” Bonde (drums), arrive with a huge introduction to their expansive sound that crosses effortlessly between rock and pop with huge riffs and bold high-rise choruses bolstered by horns and a grand female choir.

It’s a sound which has witnessed the band become one of the biggest names in Sweden, winning a Grammy in their home country for ‘Best Group’ and two P3 Gold Awards (Radio 1 equivalent) for ‘Best Group’ also.

Now breaking internationally, the Swedish phenomenon will be celebrating the release of their Air Is Free EP with a special launch show at London’s Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on November 8th, which will be followed by a large European tour in March 2017.


Air Is Free is a great energetic song which is sonically upbeat and instrumentally superb especially with how well the varied instruments blend together in a very unique and well produced way. This song reminds me slightly of Imagine Dragons material, but better and has a slight electronic, Folk-Rock anthem feel to it which gives it a powerful, memorable sound and whilst I personally don’t feel this particular song has much country to it, I do really like it! It is the kind of music I enjoy, especially seeing as I used to be a huge Rock and Grunge music fan for years and this song holds elements of both those genres as well as the Folk Rock sound mentioned above. That being said, some of Johnossi’s music does hold more of a country rock sound to it but their music is worth looking up regardless as they have a great overall sound.

I will definitely be taking time to listen to more Johnossi music from now on and look forward to their upcoming EP which will be released November 8th.

You can listen to the track Air Is Free here;

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