Indigo Summer – Something You Miss – Single Review – a duo ‘not to be missed’


I have been covering and supporting Indigo Summer and their music on this site for a while now and happily so. Since their first single Slow Down Summer, Indigo Summer have released a single each month and I am extremely pleased to announce that this months release is Something You Miss.

Something You Miss is a song that quite frankly, is something not to be missed! It’s a gripping 3 and a half minutes of country pop sensation at it’s best. What the Country genre is lacking at the moment is a song like this and in fact at a duo like Indigo Summer. This song is pretty much everything I love about modern country. There is something about a country duo with both female and male lead vocal that just grabs my attention right away and gets me hooked – Indigo Summer are with out a doubt, one of those duo’s.

Something You Miss is a mid-tempo song which has such a beautiful and sweet , adorable, uplifting melody that is not only infectious but is also such a joy to listen to – the piano accompaniment plays around in my head over and over again, I just cannot get enough of it. The chorus is wonderfully catchy and the song in general is well written both sonically and lyrically and really should get as much attention as it can! Everything about this song fits in todays market and without a doubt would work on country radio, I really hope that the industry get behind them. I believe in this song and this duo quite a lot as they really have that special something, that ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’.


Whilst all the songs Indigo Summer have released so far are wonderful – This song is my favourite yet! Hope’s voice really stands out in this song and shows she has a much wider range. Her tone is really quite beautiful and gentle and is wonderfully matched and complimented by Bryan.

If you enjoy the song, spread the word, don’t let it be something other’s miss. Indigo Summer need to be heard and this song needs to be played.


Something You Miss – Single by Indigo Summer

Listen to Something You Miss by Indigo Summer on @AppleMusic.


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