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Josh Christina – I’m 21 -EP – Review


Josh Christina is a Baltimore based Rockabilly, Country singer/songwriter and ridiculously good piano player. Think of a mixture of Elvis, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elton John and you have Josh Christina.

The I’M 21 EP is heavily piano based which makes it very enjoyable, highly gratifying and a real pleasure to listen to and all the songs are so easy to dance along too. Josh delivers a refreshingly different sound from most music we hear today. You cannot help but tap your feet whilst listening to Josh’s music and the entire EP is a real mood setter as is instantly uplifting.

Josh reminds me of early Rock and Roll artists, there is definitely a Memphis/Elvis influence and it is nice to have that sound back but with a more modern twist.

The EP starts with the track 21– a great track to jump into as the song is very upbeat from the start with breathtakingly fantastic fast paced piano playing. The song is all about, turning 21 of course, and all the things Josh wants to get up to now he is 21 and in fact is probably what every 21 year old wants to do especially with it being the legal age to drink in America. The lyrics are interesting and worth listening to.

Kiss Me When You’re Sober – more of a mid- tempo track with a stunning piano solo to start. I can hear an element of Elton John in this track both sonically and vocally a bit, although Josh does have his own unique tone. This song has a nice rhythm and melody and shows off Josh’s vocal talents a bit more, showing more of a gravelly sound in parts.

Text Message – an interesting song lyrically. The title gives away what the song is likely to be about. It is nice though, to hear a song where the guy is waiting for the girl to text rather than the other way around. Like most of the tracks, it is very upbeat and I like the talking part of the track right at the end. You will have to listen to understand what I mean.

We Are Done – I would say, Josh’s version of a ballad. Quite sad lyrics really and almost painful to listen to, especially if you can relate to them. This song, in particular, has a very country feel to it. There is a lot of passion behind this track.

Rockabilly Saturday Night – this is Josh’s current single which was released September 30th. Rockabilly Saturday Night is a fun, exciting and addictive mixture of Rock and Roll, Country and Rockabilly. It is so upbeat which is sonically and lyrically entertaining.

2AM Blues – the piano playing on this track cannot even be described. How Josh is not one of the most famous musicians for his piano playing alone is beyond me. This track has a blues sound to it, which I guess is obvious with having blues in the title. This song has a nice melody to it and is one of my favourites off the EP.

Josh’s piano talent is undeniably flawless and really quite exceptional, I can imagine Josh being a very exciting talent to see in a live setting. Something about the way he plays piano would make you happy to just see him play the piano all day but of course, we would rather hear him sing and play at the same time. His music is extremely buzzing and electrifying so a performance would probably literally blow us all away.

Josh’s vocals are so mature sounding that it makes him older beyond his years. His voice sounds experienced, flawless and very natural.

Josh is a truly remarkable artist who makes me want to learn to play the piano better, or at least know more about his style of music so I can compliment him in a more knowledgeable way.

I do however, want to sit in a Jazz/Blues bar and just listen to Josh all night. Can you make this happen please Josh?

You can download Josh’ Ep 21 now right here;

Listen to I’m 21 – EP by Josh Christina on @AppleMusic.


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