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Raquel Cole – Imogene -Review

Raquel Cole – Imogene – Review


A uniquely gratifying song with quirky lyrics and a sweet-sounding melody’

Raquel Cole is a Canadian Country singer songwriter from British Columbia. Representing Canadian talent, Raquel is the reigning CCMA Discovery artist (Canadian Country Music Association) and was recently named by the CBC as one of 25 under 25 Canadian musicians you need to know.

I recently sat down and listened to her song Imogene. I only had a live version to go by but in some way, it is the most real way to review an artist. The video, which is available to view on youtube and featured in this review is a live acoustic version. I am certainly eager to hear a studio version in the not too distant future.

Imogene – is such a uniquely gratifying song with a sweet-sounding melody which is infectious and catchy in a good kind of way. It’s somewhat quirky yet captivating lyrics make the song that much more distinctive and endearing. Raquel has a charming and delightfully pretty voice with a soulful tone and loveable allure.

I am pretty much obsessed with this song already. I love finding artists who have a song that is just so wonderful and extraordinary at the same time which makes it so very memorable. The last time a song caught my attention in the same unusual way was with Lene Marlin’s I’m Sitting Down Here.

I hope you take the time to listen to the song, especially if you like Country Music with a bit of a twist. Raquel is certainly bringing something refreshingly different to the genre and reminds me why it is that I love female singers so much.


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