The Shires – Beats To Your Rhythm – Single Review

The Shires return with new single Beats To Your Rhythm


The Shires – Beats To Your Rhythm – Review

Beats To Your Rhythm is the first single off of The Shires new album My Universe. After hugely successful debut album Brave, The Shires certainly had to pull it out of the bag to even hit the same level as the first albums content. It is so nice to have The Shires back with new music though, as a huge fan, I know their album Brave practically off by heart so I knew I was either going to love the song, or hate it, no in between.

The first time I heard this song was a live version during their set at their new music launch at One Embankment, London and I am happy to say that I love it! The song had quite an impact on me at that show as had a really strong beat to it and was a fun up- tempo song. The only downside was that I could not make out the lyrics due to it being so loud so I was very happy to hear the studio version.

Beats To Your Rhythm was premiered on BBC Radio 2 during Ken Bruce’s show on Friday July 29th. The Shires were so excited about it that they sat in their car and held a facebook live chat to interact with fans before the song was played and so that they could listen to it with the fans and get their immediate reaction. I thought this was a great idea and it worked as the reaction was of course fantastic.

This song is so much fun, a very up-beat song and definitely a summer anthem! This song has a bit of a folk- country/pop feel to it and it is very infectious. The best kind of catchy, especially during the chorus, I already sing to this song whilst faffing around the house (I mean whilst doing housework.)

You bring out the best in me, You bring out the best in me, My heart beats to your rhythm. And you give me all your love, You hit me like a drum, My heart beats to your rhythm, My heart beats to your rhythm’

The vocals on this song are really spectacular, Crissie’s vocals are amazing and she really shows off her range in this song, a range we have never heard from her before. Her voice really suits this type of song and the harmonies are really killer. I feel that most reviews, mine included focus on Crissie’s vocals alone but this song really shows off Ben’s range too. I would go as far as to say this is the best they have both ever sounded. I would even go further and say this is possibly one of the best songs they have released. It may not be as great lyrically as their other material but in terms of melody, rhythm, vocals etc, it is. This song will be on Radio 2’s A list in no time and will no doubt reach a wider audience than they have already reached. The Shires keep going from strength to strength and as a UK Country Music fan, I am very proud!

Beats To Your Rhythm is the perfect choice as the debut single for the new album My Universe which is out October 7th and available to pre order from various outlets. I for one, cannot wait to hear the whole album, I think it may even end up being better than Brave, only time will tell!

Well done Ben and Crissie, on another fantastic song.

Download Beats To Your Rhythm here : 

Listen to My Universe by The Shires on @AppleMusic.


and Pre Order My Universe here : My Universe by The Shires


and signed deluxe cd here :


By Hannah Compton

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