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Little Big Town – London VIP Experience

 Little Big Town – A money well spent experience

Last night heralded the eagerly anticipated start of Little Big Towns UK tour with the UK’s finest Country Duo – The Shires – as their support. Since the announcement of this tour, UK Country Fans have been on a high as they’ve been waiting for the promised return of Little Big Town since their appearance at UK Country Festival C2C.

When it was announced that The Shires were supporting, of course I was extremely thrilled, as were their ever growing fan base.

There were two ticket options for Little Big Town one of which was VIP, which was priced at £99. Now I would normally avoid VIP like the plague as I often find they are not worth it. You do not get a meet and greet with other artists and end up not even at the front – and with a bunch of merchandise you don’t need,which probably never leaves the bag it came in. However, I had to do it for Little Big Town. At that price you not only get a meet and greet’ and a photo, but also a signed poster, limited edition vinyl of the album Painkiller, a tour lanyard, a merchandise item – and, best of all, you got to watch the sound check up close and personal and ask questions after. My friends and I all had VIP tickets, apart from my husband who had a standard ticket.  The VIP did not disappoint.

When we were taken into the venue Little Big Town were already on stage for sound check, singing Good People from the Painkiller album. We were all watching from the bar. When they finished that song, Kimberley of Little Big Town asked us all to come up to the stage to watch closer and we all rushed down. Because it was limited entry, most of us got to the barrier with just a handful behind us. It was an unbelievable experience to be that close in such an intimate setting. I have to admit, I assumed they would only allow us to be in the sound check for two songs tops, but it was like a mini concert in itself with about six songs. Off the top of my head I recall they sang:


Good People

I’m With The Band (they forgot the second verse – when they performed it at the actual show, Jimmi shouted Hey we remembered it!’)

Live Forever

Tumble And Fall

Leavin IYour Eyes

Bring IOHome


They interacted with us really well and had a good laugh and answered a few questions. They tried to do a British accent, which was very amusing and, as my friend informed them, it was a far better attempt than Brad Paisleys. 

After the sound check, we were taken upstairs into the level one bar area. Across the bar they had the VIP bags which were black tote bags and those had the lanyards and the limited vinyl of Painkiller.  We then queued up for our photo with the band. There was a poster we were supposed to get signed, although I have to say I was a tiny bit disappointed as the poster was meant to be limited and numbered but it wasn’tI opted to have my vinyl signed instead and was happy with that. It will be interesting to see if the other shows get the numbered poster though. When it was my turn, I went up to Philip first and said HI YA’. He then said “Your name is Mya?” which I laughed at, and told him that I said ‘Hiya. Little Big Town introduced themselves and shook my hand. I thanked them for bringing The Shires on tour with them, however it came out all jibberish and I had to say it again, ha. Karen said she was looking forward to watching them perform. 

When the photo was done we had to go back outside and queue again to get in. Luckily they had a saved place for VIP’s and we managed to get to the barrier when the doors opened – front and central. 

Needless to say, the show itself was fantastic (see my separate blog on The Shires performance, in support).



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