A Tribute to Buck’N Bull ‘s Maxwell Thompson

Credit to Maxwell Thompson’s Twitter

At 9pm on a Friday night when you are sat around a fire pit, sinking some beers with people that you met within the UK country music family that you now consider your family, writing an in memoriam piece was not something I could fathom. 

Maxwell Thompson founded and drove Buck’ N Bull Saloon initially in Vauxhall and more predominantly in Islington with desire, passion and dedication to help promote and enhance the genre of country music in London with the view to grow his musical love so it could reach even further. 

Max was a man full of ideas. He was willing to listen and learn but above all he wanted the people that attended his events to enjoy them as much as he did running them. I don’t mean to say I knew him incredibly well, but he always had the time to talk to me and I genuinely felt he valued my opinion which I appreciated and valued but my overwhelming memory of him was his enthusiasm and positivity. 

As a Londoner in the country community, I really value pioneers that look to drive and enhance the genre and Max was definitely that. His drive, positivity and enthusiasm to provide enjoyment for others was significant and will be severely missed. 

This news of his tragic passing hits all of us tonight and I don’t think I am the right person to write something but wanted to express condolences and share the joy that he brought so many of my friends whilst having the medium to share. Until the next life, keep the beer cold and the whiskey on ice! Rest in peace, you were taken far too soon and you will be missed by so many because your part in the growth of the genre over here has been invaluable! 

By Jamie Gardam

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