Andrew Farriss releases debut self-titled solo album

The debut self-titled solo album from revered songwriter and INXS founding member Andrew Farriss is now available. The outlaw-inspired country/Americana release has been a passion project for more than a decade, and sees the artist setting his feet firmly in a musical direction that is all about the storytelling.

Songwriter Andrew Farriss is best known as a founding member of legendary chart-toppers INXS. He played keyboards, guitar and sang backing vocals in the band – the songs he wrote with lead singer Michael Hutchence catapulted the group to international stardom that included sold-out arena and stadium tours, and more than 50 million album sales worldwide. With INXS not having any touring plans in the pipeline, and a swag of original material in his songbook, Andrew has embarked on a solo career that sees him explore the Country-Americana genre. 

Living on the land and running a working farm for the last 25 years, country music was never far from Andrew’s heart. It was a chance trip up to the Apache Pass along the Mexican border that set the musical direction for his first self-titled solo album. Andrew and his wife, Marlina, spent weeks horse-riding with good friends through the Chiricahua Mountains. The history of the area really captivated Andrew in a way that he wasn’t expecting, from the stories of the tumultuous fighting to the barren beautiful landscape. “I became quite enamoured with it, it became very real to me,” he says. “When I went back to Nashville, what I really wanted to do was write about that outlaw country that I just saw and the history of the area.” 

Andrew is, first and foremost, a songwriter. Consequently, when it came to writing material for his own album, he did what he had always done – throughout his years working with other artists and writing for INXS – he focused on writing good stories with great music. “I am really enjoying stepping out on my own with this album,” he says. “I love writing songs and telling stories that hopefully resonate with people. I have not followed any trends or formulas creating these songs. What I have written and recorded is different. I like different, different is good.”


1. Bounty Hunter – Hummingbird

2. Come Midnight

3. With The Kelly Gang

4. Where Do You Sleep Tonight

5. Run Baby Run

6. My Cajun Girl

7. Apache Pass

8. Starlight

9. Son Of A Gun

10. Good Momma Bad

11. Drifting

12. You Are My Rock

(Produced by Andrew Farriss)

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