Anglo-Norwegian Americana with Hannah White And The Nordic Connections forthcoming album release

After making an impact with her 2018 album Elephant Eye, Hannah White has announced the 5th June release of an album with her Anglo-Norwegian Americana band, titled Hannah White and the Nordic Connections.

This unique line-up have already previewed the full-length set with City Beats, My Father and Never Get Along, all of them showcasing the intensely personal and affecting work of the British singer-songwriter. Another taste of the album, the sensitive and atmospheric Pay Me A Compliment will be the next single.

White’s songs have won her acclaim as a performer of social conscience. There’s rarely a dry eye when she sings the poignantly true story of My Father, and every audience she connects with is uplifted by other new tracks such as Start Again and Gotta Work Harder, also featuring her husband and guitarist Keiron Marshall and their bandmates from Bergen.

The album is a collection of songs recorded as live (in a bread factory in Bergen). It’s a refreshingly analogue collection of modern day gems which leave you feeling like they’ve always been a part of your life. The band travelled to the UK for such 2019 festivals as Black Deer, Larmer Tree and the British Country Music Festival, and more dates are scheduled for this year.

White and Marshall are also finalising plans for a new south London location of the Sound Lounge, their award-winning music venue, arts centre and community space.

“The coming together with the Nordic Connections happened after a phone call from a mutual contact, now a close friend,” says Hannah. “I agreed to play a live show, and after one brief meet-up in a bread factory in Bergen and a sold-out gig with a mind-blowing band, the deal was sealed.”

Hannah White and the Nordic Connections is released on 5 June 2020. More information here.

Hannah White & The Nordic Connections

1. Never Get Along

2. Start Again

3. City Beats

4. Pay Me A Compliment

5. Gotta Work Harder

6. My Father

7. Like We’ve Always Done

8. When You’re Not Around

9. The Darkness

10. Man Without Men

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