Bully Pulpit from Jared Deck has its UK release on September 13th

From gospel shouts to county croons, Bully Pulpit showcases Jared Deck’s road-ripened voice. For a man who’s been on both sides of the pulpit, outsourced by a corporation, defeated in an election, and fired from church, the album title rings true. Bully Pulpit marries Deck’s country storytelling with his gospel upbringing and blue-collar authenticity. Jared returned to 115 Recording with Grammy-nominated producer, Wes Sharon (John Fullbright, Parker Milsap, American Aquarium, etc.)

Bully Pulpit features such accomplished musicians as Turnpike Troubadours’ Gabe Pearson and Hank Early, Dan Walker of Ann Wilson/Heart, legendary fiddler Byron Berline of The Flying Burrito Brothers and The Rolling Stones, and the background vocals of Oklahoma treasures Chanda Graham and Myra Beasley.

Raised on the dusty plains of an Oklahoma family farm, Jared Deck is a storyteller who has learned the hard way. Deck understands the plight of the American worker because he’s lived it. His 2016 eponymous solo debut was released to critical acclaim from outlets such as American Songwriter and Rolling Stone. His song, The American Dream, won first place in the annual Woody Guthrie Folk Festival song-writing competition.

His new album, Bully Pulpit – finds his sound having been morphed by years of service in the church. His Live At 115 EP, released (so far) exclusively via NoiseTrade (it will be released wider at some point this year) helps bridge where he was with where he is now.

Track Listing:

1. I Don’t Know What You Come To Do

2. Money Back

3. Where I Fall

4. Make Your Mama Proud

5. Great American Breakdown

6. In The Name

7. Sometimes I Miss Being Lonely

8. Tulsa Sound

9. True Believer

10. There’s A Leak In This Old Building

11. Over And Over

Produced by Grammy-nominee Wes Sharon

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