Australian soul band The Teskey Brothers release highly-anticipated second album ‘Run Home Slow’ on 2nd August on Decca/Vertigo.

‘Run Home Slow’ out on Decca records/Vertigo on 2nd August

Over the 11 wide-ranging tracks on ‘Run Home Slow’, The Teskey Brothers – singer Josh Teskey, guitarist Sam Teskey, bassist Brendan Love and drummer Liam Gough – more than deliver on the promise of their much-loved first record, Half Mile Harvest (2017).

They have followed up a breakthrough debut with an album that not only pushes their music in new directions – and in the process solidifies their sound into something truly their own – but they’ve done it without sacrificing any of the charm and authenticity that endeared them to their ever-growing audience in the first place.

“We were really aware that we didn’t want to alienate fans,” Liam says. “We feel really proud of the first album, but the second album needed to be a step up.” To help them navigate this process they enlisted the help of producer Paul Butler (Michael Kiwanuka, St Paul & The Broken Bones, Andrew Bird) who flew in to work with the band at their home studio in Warrandyte, Victoria in Australia. In Butler, The Teskey’s found both a mentor and critic who would allow them to progress sonically without losing the raw simplicity and space they had achieved on ‘Half Mile Harvest’.

On ‘Run Home Slow’, avoiding genre labels is something that the band have strived for musically, incorporating elements of southern rock, Americana, psychedelia, Dixieland jazz and gospel. Perhaps the most striking departure is album centrepiece, ‘So Caught Up’. When the band first started jamming on the song they were a bit disarmed by the “poppy” new territory they found themselves in: “It was a bit different to what we’d normally play,” Brendon says, “but we were also quite excited about that.”

Choosing to end the album with ‘That Bird’, a song that came to Josh in a dream while camping in the Colorado wilderness, is the perfect closer. A gentle reflective groove, with a sentiment that Brendon reckons sums up the mood of the album perfectly. “It’s basically a conversation ruminating on this idea,” he says. “Is it better to live in the present and forget about the past or is it better to learn from the past and try and use those mistakes to grow from?” On Run Home Slow, The Teskey Brothers have made an album that honours their past, resonates wonderfully in the present and looks forward to a continually brighter future.

Originally from The Yarra Valley just outside Melbourne, brothers Josh and Sam Teskey, with local neighbourhood friends Brendon Love and Liam Gough, all started playing together as teenagers, and it was then that they discovered their shared love of 1960’s American soul music.

Already boasting support from BBC 6 Music and Radio 2’s Trevor Nelson, The Teskey Brothers are ready to unleash eleven fierce songs on an album that brims with energy and excitement.

1. Let Me Let You Down
2. Carry You
3. Man of the Universe
4. Hold Me
5. Paint My Heart
6. Rain
7. So Caught Up
8. San Francisco
9. Sunshine Baby

10. Sun Come Ease Me In
11. That Bird


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