Karen Jonas Releases New Album “Lucky, Revisited”


Lucky, Revisited is the fourth studio album from US artist Karen Jonas. Comprising a collection of nine songs released on her first three albums and two covers, Lucky, Revisited is an action-packed overview of Jonas’s finest songwriting. Five years of nonstop touring with guitarist Tim Bray has developed an easy but road-hardened chemistryand intricate arrangements. Engineer/bassist E.P Jackson stood back, capturing the unfettered performances of Jonas and Bray.

Karen Jonas was a featured showcasing artist at SXSW in 2019 and named “Best Americana/Country Artist” by the Washington Area Music Awards. Each of her three albums has garnered international acclaim, and charted on both the US and EU Americana charts.

Karen comments: “Dear listener. Thanks to your kind support and our own stubbornness, Tim and I have been touring for over five years now. You might think we’d get tired of these songs, but we don’t. The songs grow, morphing by millimeters at each of hundreds of show, so they always feel new. Tim and I grow as artists and collaborators too, working away at this extended art project of life. We decided to make these new recordings of songs you’ve heard on our previous records, as they are today after so much growing. I hope you enjoy Lucky, Revisited. We’ll see you on the road. Karen”


Lucky Revisited is released on 19th July on CD, vinyl and digital.

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