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Danny McMahon – Boys Cry Too – EP Review

Boys Cry Too by Danny McMahon is an EP of two halves. Not that there is anything wrong with songs ‘Everything’ and ‘When I See You’. Dealing with relationships, the first offers an anthemic chorus that is very reminiscent of a Thomas Rhett single. The second is a slow tempo ballad that is also notable for a rousing chorus, though this one is much more emotive in tone. But when compared to the other two tracks on this EP, ‘Boys Cry Too’ and ‘Pushing My Hands Down’, they strike me as your typical, run-of-the-mill country songs that, although listenable, do not bring anything new to the table.

On the other hand, ‘Boys Cry Too’ feels like an important contribution, particularly in terms of its subject matter. There is still a stigma attached to male emotion in today’s society. It is rare to hear a male musician tackle such a contentious topic, let alone do so in the frank and honest way that McMahon does. Perhaps not as strong as it could have been in terms of production, ‘Boys Cry Too’ nevertheless feels significant in changing perceptions of masculinity.

Meanwhile, ‘Pushing My Hands Down’ sees McMahon round off the EP with his most personal song. It is also his best. Not only is there real vulnerability in his lyrics, but the country-pop production adds a defiant tone which fits perfectly with the theme of the song. It is these two tracks that standout for me. And they make Boys Cry Too an EP that is worth a listen.

Review by Gaz Williams


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