Recently premiered on Billboard – the ‘Give it Away’ video from Doug Seegers

US singer-songwriter Doug Seegers‘ forthcoming album ‘A Story I Got To Tell’ (out May 31st), following its premiere on Billboard, who describe the song as “stirring… yearning vocals coupled with delicate piano and guitar”.

Watch the video here:

Listen here:

Seegers began contemplating the chorus’ hook during an alcoholics anonymous meeting in Nashville he was attending as a sponsor in recovery, and with a friend in need. The group leader created an indelible moment on the singer as he encouraged the sponsors; ‘if you want to keep it [sobriety], you have to give it away.’

The song is significant because we all have a responsibility to realise that it is important to help others – in the eyes of God, that is what is expected,” said Seegers. “We’re helping mend one heart at a time – and I’ll likely write that line in a song or chorus too!”

Under producer Joe Henry’s command, A Story I Got To Tell was born out of the United Recording Studio in Los Angeles, and will debut globally on May 31st on BMG. Pre-order the album HERE.

The new record is really a piece of my heart,” says Seegers. “It’s all about having the courage to speak up close and personal about the things that matter most. Like showing real compassion and love for a lost soul. Like throwing away your greed and giving a little back.”


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