The Urban Voodoo Machine. Live at The Holroyd, Guildford ***** Review

The Urban Voodoo Machine’s music is described as bourbon-soaked gypsy blues bop’n’stroll. Imagine a cross between The Pogues, a New Orleans Marching band and a rollicking blues band. Then throw in the odd Latin beat, mix with theatrical pastiche and a Halloween themed stage and you are close to describing one of the most bizarre bands you will ever see.

But the Urban Voodoo Machine is not just a stunning stage show, the music is substantial, vibrant and high quality.

The band is a fluid musical collective led by master showman Paul-Ronney Angel who was joined by seven of his musical family; two drummers, double bass, keyboards/accordion, guitar, sax and trumpet.

The band processed on stage to the Godfather theme tune, with the female saxophone player introducing the show in dramatic fashion.

High Jeopardy and Cheers got the crowd jumping with the band’s infectious, raucous, percussion-heavy blues. Not With You and Orphan’s Lament showed the deeper side of the group with cutting lyrics. Train Wreck was pure New Orleans zydeco and the irreverent Help Me Jesus saw singer Angel and the trumpeter go walkabout into the audience.

The band delivered a stunning show over two hours long full of musical mayhem and compelling theatrics with pulsating rhythms and passion.

An Urban Voodoo Machine show is an experience that everyone should see once in a lifetime. Once you see them you may just want more.

Words and Live Photos by Chaz Brooks

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