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Will Hoge – My American Dream – Album Review

My American Dream is an album that even just sonically, you know is going to be a remarkable masterpiece just from the very first song Gilded Walls.

My American Dream is a politically charged album and wonderfully so. There is nothing more authentic and respected than an album that has been written from a real place, from a place of actual meaning, from depth and bravery and this album encompasses all of that.

When it comes to personal beliefs and in politics especially there is no better suited sound than punk rock – that angry, protest, fighting, anarchy styled music has the perfect place on some of the tracks within this album.

Gilded Walls has a stadium rock feel to it. Think legends such as Blind Faith, Tom Petty, Joe Cocker – this song has that sort of appeal and deserves to be known as one of those timeless classics that you wait for during a stadium gig much like Even If It Breaks Your Heart from his album The Wreckage. Hoge has an ear for good, classic and timeless soulful sounds in his writing, so much so that he should be much more celebrated than he is. Had his music been released of the time of the mentioned artists then perhaps he would be.

Stupid Kids is the first hint of Punk we hear on the record. An album written about the Parkland students who have almost taken the reigns of leadership in their country – the anthem like song is about fighting for your rights, beliefs and for your country. If you like punk music and grunge then this song will be right up your street because as well as punk, it has an element of Pearl Jam and more.

The album as a whole has such a motivating feel to it. As previously mentioned it’s punk rock edge is inspiring.

With The Greatest Showman being one of the most popular films this year. Hoge focuses on the real Barnham in the song Oh Mr Barnham and his circus and how he isn’t really the saint that everyone made him out to be in the film. The political side to the song shows the similarities that Barnham’s world in many ways has to Trump. Promising dreams and promising to make the world a better place but in fact all that has been created is a circus.

And the Ringmaster is gone, It’s just a clown down here all alone

Oh Mr Barnham, won’t you please take your circus back home.

Thoughts & Prayers is quite a gut wrenching song and rightly so, much like the entire record, these are words that need to be said. Real action needs to be taken, stricter gun laws for example. Thoughts and Prayers won’t do a thing. This song is melodically beautiful and is perfect in its acoustics. The emotion and passion of importance in Will’s voice is really quite moving.

There’s a momma cryin’ ’cause her baby won’t come home

You tell a father that you’re sorry that his son is gone

While you sit and do nothin’ in that big white dome

And just hope we all forget to care

The Illegal Line is a message about the immigration problems in the states at the moment. It is about people just wanting to work and feed their families. An interesting topic, it is worth a real listen.

The album ends with a strong Punk Rock song Nikki’s A Republican Now which gives the album the perfect close.

I don’t think that there has ever been a more important album than My American Dream in years. This album had me in tears, it had me angry, it made me politcal and it made me desperate for change. Will’s honesty in his lyrics are daring, brave, true and again, I have to point out important. Everyone needs to listen to this album and truly listen to the words as well as the music. Hoge is one of the strongest songwriters in the world today and as I mentioned above, has the potential to be one of the worlds biggest artists, we just need to all put the word out there.

This is an album that I will and do talk about to anyone I can. It is more than just another record, it is somewhat of a protest.

My American Dream will change your life, your thought process. It is an incredibly powerful politically charged album full of words that need to be said.

Listen to My American Dream here

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