Jess And The Bandits Drop Latest Single ‘Smoke And Mirrors’

Continuing the momentum of their hugely successful album ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ which has amassed over 200K streams on Spotify, UK country favourites Jess and the Bandits have released the title track as their brand new single. It comes off the back of a hugely successful summer for the group, who have built upon their rapidly growing fan base with stunning performances at the likes of The Long Road, Millport Festival, Buckle & Boots and more.

On the new single ‘Smoke and Mirrors’, Jess says:

“The minute I wrote this song with Ben Adams (A1) and Shelly Poole (Alisha’s Attic, Red Sky July) I knew I wanted this to be the title of the new album. This was one of the first songs written for the album so I didn’t really know what the theme would be yet. This song is about feeling like you’re not living the life you should and every day you’re just putting on an act, smoke and mirrors. I also equate this to the music industry. There is a lot of that in this world. People think it’s so glamorous… and it has it’s moments but sometimes what you see is not always what you get.”

The new single is the latest in a string of single releases from the 2017 ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ album, which produced the Radio 2-playlisted track ‘Sister’ as well as ‘White Lies’, which brought great support from Spotify playlists including the ‘Very Nearly Nashville’ playlist. The album hit #3 on the UK Country Music Chart at release, and they followed up with a hugely successful UK tour and a show at Bob Harris’ ‘Under The Apple Tree’ Warehouse event.

A reminder that life isn’t always as easy as we often make out on the exterior, ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ will strike a chord with listeners far and wide. We all have those “daily grind” moments, we’re all human, and Jess and the Bandits provide an honest reflection of those feelings here, not only in the music industry but in all walks of life.

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