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Clare Bowen – Self Titled – Album Review

Clare Bowen is proof to never doubt that an actress/actor can be a singer/songwriter too. As most of us know Clare primarily for her role as Scarlett on TV’s Nashville, we already knew she could sing but is a direction in music realistic after the shows end? You’re dang right it is.

Clare Bowen’s self titled debut album is a magical masterpiece filled with awe inspiring, life lifting and emotionally honest songs that are carefully and cleverly written and instrumentally sensational.

Starting with Let It Rain, you feel a slight sense of the Nashville sounds but at the same time, are letting go of Scarlett as Clare blossoms into her own style, her own truth and her own sound. As the album progresses, you feel a much stronger sense of who Clare Bowen is which is a far cry from her Nashville role.

The fun and uplifting Let It Rain flows beautifully into the tribal drum beats of Doors and Corridors which is the perfect blend of Clare’s Australian Folk roots and current US Country roots that she has recently made.

Tide Rolls In has a slight bewitching way about it amidst its energetic and brass instrumental force which is is really wonderful and a song that you hope live has a full band, brass section and all.

Ave’s Song falls back into a more country feel but on the traditional side amd is worth listening to for its lyrical content.

All The Beds I’ve Made is a gorgeous ballad that Clare turned into a duet by inviting her husband Brandon Robert Young to sing with her. Clare is known for her talents in duets on the show but her voice blended with Brandon is an entirely different story and an entirely different artform.

Lullaby is a firm favourite and shows the diversity of Clare’s artistry. With elements of artists such as Sarah Brightman and Delerium with its vocal trance and ambient feel, this song is just so melodically fantastic and takes me back to the late nineties and early noughties. I would go as far as to say that this is one of my favourite songs this year.

Sweet William takes us to an acoustically driven traditional folk tale where we feel the sad words of tragedy that are often found in folk songs. Clare’s vocals are very emotive but are also that of a nightingale as her voice is stunningly melodious.

Lijah and The Shadow is another folk styled tune with a slight hypnotic feel. Clare’s voice seems to suit any genre which is why this album is so “her”, she cannot be defined by genre but simply by what comes naturally.

Little by Little is a favourite amongst Nashies and it isn’t hard to see why. A song that has created a new meaning for Clare as was performed at the Manchester Arena following the tragedies that took place there – Little by Little is a song to lift those people up and others who face any sort of battle in their lives. Whilst the lyrics are in a way quite simple, they don’t need to be anything more as are enough to inspire and all we need.

Lori McKenna penned Grace of God and You is bound to be a brilliant track given the genius that Lori McKenna is. Clare brings this song to a beautiful light with her delicately passionate vocals.

Warrior closes the album and is probably the most moving and encouraging track off he album. Written in dedication to the children in hospital that she grew up with, some who got to grow up, some who didn’t, Warrior is a song she had been yearning to write for years. The anthem like song has an element of European pop as well as Australian folk and a bit of country.

An album that is instrumental heaven, Clare’s story-telling writing is quite poetic and she makes you feel a part of her poetry with her relatable lyrics that truly captures the minds of many.

Clare Bowen has delivered an album that is far superior to many top charting albums today and has stayed true to her wonderfully weird self by not giving a thought to what should be expected of her but simply by what she wants people to hear and what she is about and we are so glad that she did.

Stream Clare Bowen album here

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