Days are Done tell us which of their Days are Done and not Done

UK folk/country duo Days are Done have been on our radar quite a lot lately, especially with their exciting and harmonious TuesDays are Done videos where they have been uploading live, acoustic videos of both original and cover material every Tuesday. It’s safe to say that our days of Days are Done are definitely not done.

With a name like Days are Done, we couldn’t help but ask Emmy and Adam to answer a few silly questions about what Days of theirs are done and what are not done. We had a lot of fun with this and hope you have fun reading it.

Please do check out their wonderful EP Closer here and their Front Room Covers EP here

Follow news on their TuesDays are Done here

My CD buying Days are….

Adam: Done. I’ve not bought a CD for a long time – in fact I think if I did I’d have to sit in the car to even listen to it!

My Vinyl buying Days are….

Emmy: Not done! I got back into vinyl about 5 years ago. And we’re lucky in Kingston because there’s lots of it. Obviously there’s the excellent Banquet Records, but there’s a lot of 2nd hand vinyl round here too. Last vinyl I bought was an old one – soundtrack to Franco Zeffirellis ‘Romeo and Juliet’!

My keeping and playing Cassette Days are….

Emmy: Done. Don’t know anyone with a cassette player!

Adam: Me too – not quite trendy enough for that just yet!

My making compilation CD’s for friends and family Days are…

Adam: Never say never, but other than our demos I’ve not burned a CD for quite a while.

Emmy: Done!

My learning a new instrument Days are…

Adam: Never done! I love picking up new instruments but there’s a lot of cheating involved. My Mandolin is still tuned to an open tuning. Sometimes it doesn’t work out though – I tried to play a duduk once and it was a disaster.

My going to a long weekend music festival as a fan Days are….

Emmy: Not done. I really want to go to Download and Burning Man. We LOVE playing festivals too!

My queuing to get into a gig Days are…

Emmy: Not done. We both try to go to shows as well as play them. We’ve both been watching a lot of stand up comedy lately too. There’s always queueing involved.

My fangirling/fanguying over a favourite artist Days are….

Adam: Not done. I try and hide it but it’s just instinctive isn’t it.

Emmy: Me too! Sometimes I pluck up the courage to say hello but not always. We saw Brian Wilson on a plane once and we were both too in awe to say anything.

My being Childish Days are…

Emmy: Not done – and never will be! Although I think you need that part of your brain to be creative – that’s my excuse anyway, and I’m sticking to it!

My Binge watching TV shows Days are….

Emmy: not done. It’s getting worse if anything – we work such weird hours that binging is the only way. We’re both currently approaching our 2nd go round of Gilmore Girls! And we still need to finish Nashville.

My Chocolate/Pudding Days are…

Adam: Not done. We both try and eat healthy for the most part – but I’m only human and my will power can be pretty low!

My being ID’d Days are…

Emmy: Not done! I got ID’d trying to buy a kitchen knife the other day.

Adam: Done – not been ID’d since I grew this beard anyway.

My having a lie in Days are…

Adam: Not done. They’re quite few and far between though – I think I need to work on that!

My surviving off things like Pot Noodles Days are….

Emmy: Oh, hopefully they’re done!

My Camping Days are….

Adam: Not done. I quite like camping – although I’ve not been for ages. I did that wild camping once. It was all fine once we realised we could chill the beer by putting it in the river under some rocks.

Emmy: Hmm not sure. I like my home comforts a lot!

My Drinking Days are….

Emmy: Not done!

Adam: Definetly not done!

My Clubbing Days are….

Adam: Never were. Never got into it. I’ve always been a music nerd so I was they guy that went to see weird bands instead!

And lastly, what isn’t done that you want to do that will then be done ? In others words, what is on the bucket list professionally and personally?

Emmy: Professionally there’s too many to list! We want to do everything – we’re a bit obsessive! We have 2 massive whiteboard with lists and lists of stuff but I’m a bit superstitious about revealing what’s on there!

Adam: Personally I’d like to learn jazz piano – I love listening to jazz but my brain and hands just don’t understand it!

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