CountryFile Live Summer Party: Newton Faulkner – Live Review

Newton Faulkner who has been high up in the music scene for a number of years was a wonderful surprise on the line up for Countryfile Live’s Summer Party. A hugely successful artist, this was an opportunity not to miss as it won’t be often that you get to see Newton Faulkner in such an intimate setting.

Treating fans with songs such as Into the Light and Dream Catch Me from his album Hand Built By Robots, Faulkner proved why he has had such a successful career as his music was not just beautiful but the live versions were exceptionally good. Newton’s personality really stood out on stage too, he interacted with the crowd in a wonderfully friendly and comedic manner that you were instantly drawn to him. Off stage he was just as lovely as he mixed with fellow artists, guests and even played with my two year old son.

Other songs performed included Clouds and Brick by Brick. He got the crowd jumping during Brick by Brick which was a lot of fun.

This was our first time seeing Newton Faulkner live and certainly won’t be our last, we had such a wonderful time listening to his well written, delightful songs that were perfect in a festival setting. I highly recommend him. His energetic performance was fun, exciting, enjoyable and quite simply brilliant.

If there is one thing that I love about festivals, it is discovering new artists or in this case getting the opportunity to see ones you had heard of but not necessarily listened to and I feel quite ashamed that I had never listened to his music before, but that will change now.

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