Thomas Wynn & The Believers Black Heart, London – Live Review *****

Well then, how are y’all?” enthuses Thomas Wynn, coming on stage to a rapturous reception at the Black Heart in Camden. “Ah, good. You’re extra fine. I hope you dig rock’n’roll.”

Heavy riffs, great vocals and driving beats abounded throughout. Test Of Faith and You Can’t Hurt Me set the tone. All tunes original except Springsteen’s Atlantic City.

The Black Heart was the perfect venue to see this hi octane southern rock band – upstairs in the back room of a traditional London boozer, no windows, painted black.

When asked for a setlist before the show Wynn grinned, tapped his head, saying “it’s all in here” and then kindly said he’d write it down after the show. True to his word the first thing he did coming off stage was to jot down the setlist. Here it is:

Wynn explained to BOON that he and the band were here to play two festivals, Black Deer and Ramblin’ Man and he’d taken the opportunity of asking his agent to book club dates off the back of the festival tour.

Wynn has been playing in bars since he was fourteen, he’s now 33, and leading a band for the last nine years. Impressively the current iteration of The Believers has been with him for five years.

Wynn’s sister Olivia shares vocal duties with him and when the two of them belt out a chorus it is immensely powerful and delivered with fiery passion with nothing held back. The bass, drums, Hammond keys and harmonica/acoustic guitar are an integral part of this kick-ass band.

Highlight tracks were It’s Alright, Wade Waist Deep (check out the cool video) and the extraordinary My Eyes Won’t Be Open with an awesome vocal performance from the Wynn siblings.

Thomas Wynn and the Believers? Believe. Thank goodness for festivals that pay the bills so that groups like this can cross the Atlantic and play intimate club dates too. The Black Heart audience certainly did dig Wynn’s southern country rock.

Review and live photos Chaz Brooks

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