Black Deer Festival

Black Deer Festival : Sarah Darling – Live Review

One artist I was really looking forward to seeing was Sarah Darling. Sarah has been a UK favourite for a few years now and as a regular visitor to our shores, we never tire of her and never will. Despite her regular appearances across the UK, this was actually my first time seeing her live, not through lack of interest but it had just never worked out. Sarah took to the Ridge tent on the Friday and was met with a very warming and respectable crowd. With an angelic voice, Sarah captivated her audience from the first note that she sang and played a mesmerising set throughout. Gaining one new fan in particular, my two year old son spent the first half of her set being fascinated by her and the second half dancing like a crazy person and having the time of his life.

Sarah thrilled fans with songs new and old which included Home to Me, Where Cowboys Ride, Wasted and much more. Sarah’s album Dream Country is an exceptionally delightful album and some of the best music that I have heard in a long while, with an album full of wonderful tunes, I wish we could have heard it in its entirety. One song off the album Anchor was written with Sam Palladio who played Gunnar on the tv show Nashville. Playing on the Sunday at Black Deer Festival, Sarah surprised fans with bringing Sam on stage to perform Anchor with her. The performance was a stunning as would be expected as with both Sarah and Sam having a gentle, soft tone, their voices blended beautifully together and the performance was breathtaking. Cassadee Pope and AJ from the Wandering Hearts were amongst the audience and they seemed to be very much enjoying Sarah’s set, especially when Sam Palladio joined her.

Sarah then played more songs including a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams but it was Halley’s Comet which really struck the crowd and left a heartfelt mark on her fans as her vocal on the song soared throughout the festival air creating a very homely atmosphere.

Sarah closed the set with her fabulous new song Diamonds which really resonated with the fans. Sarah more than impressed me and the fact she made my sons night and we, as in my husband and I got to see him dance like he has never danced before will stay in our hearts and memories for ever and for that, we are incredibly grateful, what a treat.

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