Black Deer Festival

Black Deer Festival: Broken Witt Rebels – Live Review

Broken Witt Rebels were the first act that we caught at Black Deer Festival. Playing on the Fridays biggest stage The Ridge, UK Country rockers Broken Witt Rebels kicked off with a loud, energetic performance.

The bands exciting performance got the early crowd going and kept everyone in high spirits. Broken Witt Rebels are the perfect festival band as their sound projects throughout the arena and drew more people as they continued to play. It wasn’t packed out, but they shouldn’t take it personally as no one was on the first day. People were likely still traveling down, we ourselves intended to arrive earlier but traffic is traffic and some people weren’t arriving till the Saturday.

I knew of the band but had yet to get to know their music and one thing I wanted to do this weekend was see artists I had never seen before or with whom I was unfamiliar with. The sultry, southern, bluesy and soulful sounds of Broken Witt Rebels really drew me in and I was highly impressed with their set. If this is what they can do in an early set then imagine the atmosphere and energy of a show at full capacity. Not knowing a single song, I knew I was going to come away downloading their music and hoping to catch them at future events. Signed to Spinefarm Records alongside artists such as Kendell Marvel and Brothers Osborne, the band have just as much quality material as their US label mates and should not go unnoticed.

As well as the upbeat tracks they played some really nice down tempo tracks which really stood out and I have been listening to their self titled album since.

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