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Luke Combs – This One’s For You Too – Deluxe Tracks Review

For the UK fans, for C2C festival goers this year when Luke Combs played, we have been eagerly awaiting studio versions of some of the songs featured in this deluxe version since he played them at the songwriters show and his main stage performance on the O2 Arena stage. Houston We Got A Problem being one that stuck to minds as soon as he played it, it would have almost been criminal not to have it released. Houston, We Got A Problem which is about being away from his woman whilst in Texas is a really sharp country rock song with a lot of oomph behind it and probably Luke at his best.

Another new track Beautiful, Crazy was also performed at the CMA Songwriters show at C2C Festival and a song which hardcore fans appeared to be very familiar with. Luke says he wrote the song in the early days of his relationship asking if his girlfriend could guess who the song was about, replying no he responded with “well it’s not you” which made her jealous and prompted her to date him.

A Long Way is a completely new one for me but it certainly does not disappoint. The up beat, country rockin’ tune is very memorable and a great sing a long chorus.

She Got The Best Of Me was another track many of us heard for the first time when Luke performed it on the main stage at C2C Festival so to have all these new songs available now is such a joy. The energetic track is a great way to close the deluxe album and it does make you want to listen to the entire album again. Combs is a credit to the country music market and his like ability doesn’t just lie within his music but also his personality.

Luke has become quite the favourite amongst country music fans and his album This One’s For You has soared through the charts and this Deluxe version should be no different. The extra songs are just as good as the former album tracks which isn’t always the case in deluxe albums.

Combs has arrived in the country music scene at exactly the right time and artists such as himself truly command their stage so if you get an opportunity to see him live then take it.

Luke Combs returns to the UK in October and added an extra London date due to popular demand. Tickets can be bought here

Listen to This One’s For You Too here

Purchase This One’s For You Too here

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