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Days Are Done – Front Room Covers – EP Review

Days are Done have become one of our favourite UK duo’s – their breathtaking vocals and sweet harmonies captivated us from the moment we heard them. Emmy and Adam who make up Days are Done are the perfect match vocally and their last EP Closer which was full of original material is beautiful and a great blend of genres such as folk and country.

Days are Done return with a new EP of four covers of some of their current favourite artists.

The EP starts with a cover of Missing You which was originally by John Waite and is a very much loved 80’s track, so to cover it is a bold move but Emmy and Adam have done it justice and delivered a stunning modern version which brings a lot more emotion to the track, making you realise just how beautifully written the song really is.

Last month we at B.O.O.N premiered the exclusive video of their stunning cover of Dierk’s Bentley’s hit song Women, Amen and we are delighted that they have put their cover on the EP. Women, Amen sung as a duo is really quite something and gives the song a more powerful edge. There is a lot of passion in both Emmy and Adam’s vocals on the track and they certainly make the song their own. Hearing this cover live would undoubtedly be quite mind blowing.

Kiss This Thing Goodbye is next which is a Del Amitri track, I used to love Del Amitri. This version of the 80’s/90’s classic is stripped back, slowed down and I love it – it brings a whole new vision to the song and again makes you listen to the lyrics more.

A cover of Goodbye by Steve Earle closes the EP.  Emmy and Adam’s vocals suit this track beautifully and it gave me goosebumps. Their vocals seem to suit ballad styled songs that hold a lot of emotion and this song is certainly an emotional ballad.

I love the duo’s choices on covers and how they haven’t stuck to covering just artists within their own genre nor have they copied the songs exactly. Each track has been created as if they were their own original material and I have always been a fan of artists who make you hear a song from a different perspective. So many songs lose the meaning behind their lyrics to an overpowering production and even though I do love all these original tracks, it has made me in a way, hear them for the first time.

Listen to Front Room Covers here

Purchase Front Room Covers here





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