Black Deer Festival

Black Deer Festival Artists: Ashley Campbell

We just adore Ashley Campbell in the UK and our relationship and connection with her is just going to get stronger and stronger. Having played the UK a few times now, we, the UK will always be happy to welcome her to play at anytime.

After playing a few shows in March including a stunning and emotive tribute to her father Glen Campbell at C2C Festival, Ashley returns to the UK in June to be a part of the first ever Black Deer Festival in Kent.

Ashley is an artist that you do not want to miss at this festival. If you have a true appreciation for music and the musical instrument then Ashley has got you covered. Ashley is not only a stunning vocalist and a talented songwriter but her skills on the banjo are second to none. One of the greatest moments of seeing Ashley perform is during her instrumentals. Having recently released her debut album The Lonely One, Ashley has an instrumental track on there called Carl and Ashley’s Breakdown which is sensational and an absolute show stopper live.

The Lonely One is a well worth buying album with 13 brilliant tracks with story telling lyrics and gorgeous melodies.

We look forward to seeing Ashley live, hope you do to.




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