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Courtney Marie Andrews – May Your Kindness Remain – Album Review

Probably one of the most blissfully stunning pieces of music you will hear this year.

An old soul, Courtney Marie Andrews is a breathtakingly gorgeous singer with a rich, peaceful tone that stops you in your tracks.

May Your Kindness Remain delivers a number of gentle, soothing songs such as the title track as well as strong folk tale style tracks with a soulful edge in the songs Border and I’ve Hurt Worse.

Songs such as Lift The Lonely From My Heart bring a more country sound that has been long missed and Courtney gives us a more upbeat sound in the tracks Kindness of Strangers and Two Cold Nights In Buffalo which  has a slight 70’s style to it mixed with a western feel and country soul edge.

Rough Around The Edges and This House show a church music – gospel side to her music and powerful volumes speak in the more simple songs such as Took You Up and Long Road Back To You.

May Your Kindness Remain is yet another sensational album from one of the most gifted singer/songwriters of this generation. Andrews sings from such an honest place that you feel and believe every word that she sings.

Courtney sets the standards high with May Your Kindness Remain. Her craft is so gratifyingly good, smooth and gentle that the title sums up Courtney and her music rather well.

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