Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

C2C Festival: Danielle Bradbery – London O2 – Live Review

Who needs a full band when you have a voice so melodious that it already sounds like you do? That is what it is like going to see Danielle Bradbery – her voices carries such a beautiful sound a colourful tone that you imagine she is being backed by an entire band.

It was only Saturday morning at London’s C2C Festival and Danielle’s show was already completely packed. Set up like a listening room, there were seats and couches everywhere facing a small stage with just two stools. The audience were of all ages but one thing they certainly had in common was their love and appreciation for music.

Danielle casually walked on to the stage and took to her seat. Seemingly shy, she said a quick hi to the audience and how she couldn’t believe she was here and that people actually showed up. One thing I told Danielle in our interview was how seeing all her fan base via social media is one thing but seeing the true impact of how her music affects the UK by the amount arriving at her shows would be quite another.

Danielle has just about one of the most flawless vocals that I have ever heard, in fact, throughout the weekend one of the things I heard a lot was “Did you see Danielle? My goodness, that girls voice”.

Danielle is incredibly sweet and very down to earth. Her gentle persona was infectious on stage and you warmed to her right away. For a relatively shy person, you wouldn’t know that when she sang. Danielle has a stunningly powerful yet at times soft vocal that would even give Carrie Underwood a run for her money. Danielle has this beautiful natural honeyed, flowery tone that just stops you in your tracks.

We were treated with songs from her self titled debut record which she put out straight after winning The Voice USA and songs off her new album I Don’t Believe We’ve Met.

From her debut she sang her first ever single The Heart of Dixie and if memory serves then that was the only one. I know of many people who were desperate to hear that song live and Danielle more than delivered. I would of loved to have heard Daughter Of A Workin’ Man and Endless Summer but giving that this was a short set and Danielle had new music out and not just new music but music that she co wrote and meant the world to her then it was a given she was going to concentrate on that mostly and everyone, myself included were just as delighted for new than we would be old.

I Don’t Believe We’ve Met is a gorgeous album so if you do not have it yet, please go get it. Danielle treated us with Can’t Stay Mad, What Are We Doing?, Hello Summer, Sway, Human Diary and Worth It from the new album.

Sway was something else live, I loved hearing an acoustic, stripped back version of this already great song that took a different angle acoustically. Sometimes you don’t appreciate just how good a song is until you hear it from a different perspective and this was the case for me with Sway.

I don’t think that Danielle knows just how much her being here meant to a lot of people. We ourselves have been following her music since her debut album and many others in the UK have too. Having Danielle perform in the UK is something we never thought would happen so now that it has, we are extremely grateful.

Danielle is a super star, she has the Potential to not just go far but to Sway her way to the top of the charts and to be recognised as one of the greatest vocalists of our time. If you get a chance to see her live, do it, It’s Worth It.

Listen to I Don’t Believe We’ve Met here

Purchase I Don’t Believe We’ve Met here

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