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C2C Festival: Kip Moore – O2 Live Review

Kip Moore is without a doubt a headliner. From the moment Kip ran on stage to the moment he ran off, the O2 Arena were in full force, all standing, dancing, rocking, cheering, you name it!

There is also something about Kip that is just so infectious. Kip is one heck of a showman, he knows how to win a crowd. The energy within the arena was buzzing and the atmosphere was electric.

Kip began his set with Wild Ones which always gives a great live music feel and from the first few minutes you knew you were in good hands and in for a good time.

Kip has natural performance skills and the ability to be a huge star across all genres. The quality of his music translates incredibly well in a live setting, even better than in his records. The band played exceptionally well, each member, Kip included having the time of their lives and ecstatic to be there.

I didn’t realise just how much I liked the song Plead The Fifth until I heard it live. The sheer volume of this song live was enough to get you out of your seat and just go crazy. Kip has one of the best male rock voices around at the moment and quite possibly one of the best I have ever heard.

Beer Money always goes down well as is one of the best moments during a live Kip Show, it has the best audience participation moments in the chorus and just watching everyone raise their drinks to the Beer Money line is always a good time.

Another show stopping moment was Come and Get It off of his album Wild Ones – that entire album is fantastic and he could have played any track off of that and I would have been happy. Come and Get It is a great sing along to kind of song and you can’t help but fist pump the air.

The Bull was another great moment from latest album Slowheart and again, one of those songs I realised I loved when heard it live. Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck is another fan favourite off of Up All Night and shows wouldn’t be the same without it being included.

Kip moved the audience to respected silence as he performed his most emotional and meaningful hit yet Guitar Man. Kip tells the audience how it isn’t usual to end his shows with a down tempo song but wanted to close with a special moment. What I love about the story he shares of the last verse is just how proud you feel of Kip. Telling us of an experience he had at 22, falling in love and going off temporarily to pursue his dream, he explains further that his girlfriend at the time went cold which made him get in his car and drive back to win her back. Taking her out for an expensive meal (about $45 dollars he says and laughs) he describes the moment as still cold. Later he finds himself in her kitchen with her mother who asks him where this music thing is taking him which led his girlfriend to say “Ain’t nothing happenin’ with him now and ain’t nothing ever gonna happen

I would like to dedicate this verse to her” he says

Well I had me a pretty baby, thought she was the one
But she soon grew tired, this love on the run
Said she felt second, told me I had to choose
She’s back in Georgia and I’m there with you

And with that the crowd gave a loud cheer.

The entire set up was top form, the band, the sound, the lighting, the atmosphere, the vocals, the energy, the set list, everything.

Kip wasn’t on long enough, I know I am not alone when I say that. Kip has headline status in his live shows and I hope that one day he will return top of the C2C bill, he deserves it.

Kip may not be winning the awards, he may not be at the top of the charts, he should be but he doesn’t particularly care about that, he just cares about the music, he belongs to the fans, not the industry.

Set List

Wild Ones
Plead the Fifth
Beer Money
Just Another Girl
Come and Get It
More Girls Like You
The Bull
Bittersweet Company
Hey Pretty Girl
Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck
Guitar Man

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  1. Kip is the best at what he does. He has so much love and compassion for his music and his fans. No wonder the best.


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