Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

C2C Festival: Morgan Evans on the Spotlight Stage – Live Review

Morgan Evans was first up on the Spotlight Stage. Bob Harris introduced him and the crowd all cheered.

Morgan stood on the stage, just him and his guitar and his pedal which he used to make it sound as if he was performing with an entire band, it sounded incredible inside the O2. Morgan introduced himself and went into playing his debut single Kiss Somebody which has received a lot of success here and the US.

Morgan performed with an infectious burst of energy and really got the crowd going. His second song was a new one which I believe he said was inspired by his first UK trip and that it was a drinking song. This song had even more energy attached to it and with the use of the pedal for the invisible band and backing vocals, you would never know there was no actual band there if you were just listening. The song, titled Young Again had a Irish Folk ‘drinkin’ song’ vibe to it and the atmosphere inside the O2 was electric. Morgan mashed up the song with Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon which the crowd sang along to loudly. Morgan had the crowd and the crowd wanted more.

A man who comes on to sing just two songs really knocked it out of the park, what a showman, can’t wait to see a full show.

I think the O2 just fell in love with Morgan Evans.

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