C2C Interviews 2018

Interview: Getting to know UK duo Days are Done – talking music, C2C and more

With C2C Festival just around the corner, everyone is likely starting to plan who they want to see at the pop-up festival stages. With so much choice, it is impossible to see everyone but it is certainly worth doing your research beforehand and checking out the artists music so you don’t miss out on seeing them.

Today, we are introducing UK Folk-Country Duo from Kingston-Upon Thames Days Are Done. Days are Done are made up by Emmy Kay and Adam Lewis. 

Days are Done released their EP Closer last year and it is one of the best things we have heard in a long time. With flawless vocals, stunning harmonies, hauntingly beautiful and captivating music, this duo are sure to create quite a buzz at C2C and are well worth checking out.

We caught up with Emmy and Adam so that we and C2C festival goers can learn a little bit more about them before the event. We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did, it has certainly made us even more keen to see their set.

Days are Done will be playing the Busking Stage Saturday 10th March (Times to follow) – more info can be found here

Download the official C2C Festival app here to keep up to date on stage times etc .

Listen to their EP Closer here

Purchase Closer here

Hi guys how are you?

Hiya! We’re great thanks. We’re spending most of our time in the studio in Kingston-upon-Thames (also known as Adam’s front room!) at the moment writing and recording demos!

Please can you introduce yourselves , where you are from and what you do in the duo?

I’m Emmy and I’m from Blackpool. I’m a singer/songwriter.

I’m Adam and I’m from South Wales. I’m a singer/ songwriter – I’m the guitarist in the duo too! We’re both based in lovely Kingston-Upon-Thames.

How did Days Are Done form – how did you meet?

Emmy: We originally met when Adam was in another band- we had a mutual friend and I went along to see them. We ending up chatting and viola!

Adam: We were actually in another band together with other people for a while after we met but it just didn’t feel right. It came to its ‘natural end’ shall we say! not quite 2 years ago we started writing and singing together, just the two of us and we sort of accidentally formed a band, ha!

How did you come up with the name Days Are Done?

Adam: It’s based on the Nick Drake song ‘Day is Done’. I’ve always been a fan and when we started writing together we sat down and chatted about our musical tastes. I tried to sell Nick Drake to Emmy but she wasn’t having it.

Emmy: Ha! Its true! He just seemed so sad. Then it just hit me one day that I loved him. One particular song ‘Day is Done’ is about new, but reluctant, beginnings really. It just seemed to sum everything up, as we were definitely both burnt from the implosion of the old band but we wanted to start summat new!

Did you both always want to go in the direction of Folk-Country?

Adam: We went to Nashville right before we started this band as sort of a exploration of working together. We went to the Opry and saw the amazing Connie Smith. When we got back, it was a true combination of that influence and also the fact we’re British I guess!

Emmy: I love Connie so much. Plus that was a pivotal moment for us because less than a year later a DJ from WSM Radio Nashville who own the Grand Ol’e Opry contacted us on Instagram cause he’d heard our first single ‘Turns To Dust’ and we ended up going back to Nashville and playing live on WSM. Such a weird moment! Like we’d come full circle.

How would you describe your sound?

Emmy: I’m more of a pop and pop-Country music fan whereas Adam has slightly different tastes, so it’s a combination of our little brains! But the one thing we have in common is we love a good melody and harmony. I think we were just lucky our voices and ranges worked together so well. It felt natural from the start. I do think Folk- Country sums it up perfectly- we bring elements of genres of music we both have so much love and respect for. Also we’re both working class and that’s obviously where the roots of US Country Music and UK Folk Music are really. There’s defiantly a push and pull between us as a duo.

Adam: Also both Blackpool and South Wales (where we’re from) have similarities to the sorts of places Country music comes from – industrial, working communities. Maybe that’s where it comes from!

Tell us about your EP Closer

Adam: After releasing ‘Turns to Dust’ as a single an EP seemed the most logical next step. Dave Eringa, who mixed Turns to Dust, introduced us to Sean Genockey who went on to produce it. We wanted to capture the connection we have live, so we did it as simply as possible. We tended to record the both vocal and the main guitar track live and then added the rest of the instruments afterwards. We were lucky enough to have some great other musicians help us out too.

How hard or easy was it to put four songs on an EP?

Adam: We’d already released 2 live EP’s- a couple of months after we formed, we’d written so many songs we persuaded a local music shop and cafe to host a night there. Invited everyone we knew by saying ‘Hey, SURPRISE we formed a band!” set up a laptop and recorded the whole gig and released it as 2 live EP’s! By the time we had the resources to record a studio EP we had so many songs it was a nightmare trying to whittle it down! In the end we went for songs that we hoped would cover the whole spectrum of what we are.

Tell us about the song Colours because it is such a stand out track in a hauntingly beautiful way

Emmy: Ah that was a late addition! We’d decided on the 4 songs for the EP. We were in Adam’s front room and it was about 2am and Adam suddenly said “ listen to this” and played a tiny bit of a riff. I was going through a bit of a bad time personally (we’ve all been there!) and something about it just really moved me. We wrote the whole song in about an hour, playing as quietly as we could so as not to disturb the neighbours. The next day we bumped another song from the EP and added that instead!

What song do you feel the most connected to from the EP?

Adam: Ah thats like asking to someone to choose their favourite child, hah! I don’t know really. I love them all.

Emmy: Same! Its different on different days I think. I maybe have a sneaky soft spot for Never Let You Go but don’t tell the other kids! Also, I love the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-E_M8uiE0R4 We make and edit all our videos ourselves just the 2 of us and our friend and cameraman Gareth- this one was a lot of fun!

Do you both have a hand in writing your music?

Adam: Absolutley. We always write together, the songs are 50/50. It’ll either start with a chord or a melody or a lyric idea from one of us. Then we’ll play around and decide if its going anywhere.

Emmy: I think its the combination of us that makes the band so it’d be weird to write separately!

How has the response to your debut EP been so far?

Emmy: Ah, it’s been amazing. We’ve been embraced and so supported and we really didn’t know what to expect. This was all accidental – this whole thing has been done independently and just from instinct. To end up playing live on BBC Radio 2 and playing Glastonbury and C2C and WSM in Nashville and all that stuff with some songs we wrote initially just because we loved doing it has been incredible.

You are playing C2C which is fantastic – how long did you have to wait to find out you were playing?

Adam: I can’t remember but it seemed like forever cause I kept thinking about it! These things always do! Last year was our 1st full festival year as a band so we really weren’t early enough to even think about trying to book C2C.

Emmy: Actually a BIG shout out to C2C for having us play. They listened and embraced us from zero really. They do a fantastic job.

What can we expect from your set?

Adam: A lot of fun! We love being on stage. We love performing. Maybe a surprise cover! Playing live is how this started, so we always have a great time. Plus we’ll be debuting a LOT of new songs… So many people who come and see us are very much like “woah, that was a lot of energy, I wasn’t expecting that!” We really love connecting on stage.

When you play a live show – do you have a favourite moment and do you find crowds respond better to your ballads or more upbeat songs or can it differ?

Emmy: Depends on the audience I think! We do tailor our set but you really can never predict what people will like. We like people to feel like they’re included. For me Country music is all about saying ‘I feel like this, have you ever felt like this?’ and I think we take that idea into our live performances. Plus we bounce off each other naturally and people seem to love that about us. Theres defiantly a connection.

Where can we see you across the weekend?

We’re playing Saturday on the Busking Stage but we haven’t been given a time yet so we’ll have to keep you updated!

Will you be catching any shows yourself over the festival weekend?

Emmy: Theres so much we both want to see! Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Emmy-Lou Harris, I’ve heard loads about Midland. There’s also so many UK acts I want to check out- a massive list, but it’s always harder than you think when you’re playing to get to see anything, so fingers crossed!

Have you been to C2C Festival before?

Adam: Neither of us have so we’re excited! We’ve got a mate who went last year and she described it as ‘a crazy fun celebration’ – you can’t ask for much more than that can you?!

What music are you listening to right now?

Emmy: I think most of Maren Morris- Hero plays on Spotify are just me, ha! I’ve really rinsed that album. I love the Amy Macdonald album, I’ve listened to that a lot. We’re always playing music to each other to see what the other thinks!

Adam: I loved the Maren Morris album too actually – we managed to catch her at the end of last year in London too and it was a great show. I’m still listening to the last David Ramirez record. Jason Isbell and John Moreland are usually in my lists too!

What have you planned for the rest of the year so far?

Emmy: We’re in the demo process so new music definitely. We’ll be playing some festivals too and making lots more videos! We’ve been on quite the journey so far so I’m excited to see where this is going to take us.

How can we keep up to date with you?

Come visit us at http://www.facebook/wearedaysaredone or Insta: http://www.instagram.com/daysaredoneofficial or twitter http://www.twitter.com/daysaredone or check out our music on Spotify or Youtube/daysaredoneofficial



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