Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

C2C Festival: Festival Stage Artists – O&O Duo

O&O are a country folk duo who consist of Colorado-native, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Obadiah Jones, and Israeli vocalist, Orian Peled. The two met while studying for a Music BA at Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) where they had the unique opportunity of a one-on-one songwriting session with Sir Paul.

Currently residing in London the duo released their debut single, Traveling in June 2017 and their most recent single Some Days in January. They also have other songs available such as Coming Over.

O&O are a wonderfully delightful duo with a lot to offer, they are quite a change to country music and that’s part of what makes them so appealing and irresistible. O&O aren’t just good country music, they are good music as a whole and I can’t imagine any lover of music not finding something to love about them.

O&O’s sound is the perfect blend of traditional/retro-pop country, Americana and Folk music with a fresh sound which is incredibly relaxing and instrumentally brilliant. Obadiah and Orian’s vocals blend beautifully together creating the perfect harmonious sound.

Traveling starts with a cool spaghetti western styled intro and flows naturally into an outlaw country melody. The vocals give the song a more uplifting feel in a beautiful, infectious way and the song is quite hypnotic in places in a kind of 60’s/70’s sort way.

Current single Some Days is a very spring like tune with a cheery melody. They remind me of The Magic Numbers and The Wannadies which were bands I loved.

Coming Over showcases Obidiah’s vocals more with great supporting harmonies from Orian. This song is another great tune with a more Americana Retro style and solid guitar work much like Santana.

As previously stated, O&O bring a different side to country music which could open up doors to a broader audience who won’t necessarily listen to country music on a regular basis. So far, I have enjoyed everything I have heard from this duo and certainly look forward to hearing more.

It is such a great thing to see this fine duo on the C2C line up and they truly are an act that you do not want to miss. These guys are the kind of act that fit festival bills perfectly as I can see audiences dancing away and really envoking their music so I do hope that they will be on more festivals over the summer, perhaps Cornbury, Bestival or Truck?

Please try to see them at C2C and show your support, remember, C2C is the perfect place to discover new talent and I think this duo will thoroughly impress.

O&O will be on the Busking Stage on Saturday March 10th

More info can be found here

Listen to Traveling here

Purchase Traveling here

Listen to Some Days here

Purchase Some Days here

Listen to Coming Over here

Purchase Coming Over here


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