After Party Artists 2018

C2C Spotlight & After Party artist Lukas Nelson releases homely video for Just Outside Of Austin

If you follow this site then you may know that we love the music of Lukas Nelson and Promise of The Real. Lukas is such an exciting addition to this years C2C Festival appearing on the Spotlight Stage and headlining Saturdays After Party.

Lukas Nelson as I am sure many are aware is the son of the great Willie Nelson. Often collaborating together and more recently on Willie Nelson’s album Willie and The Boys: Willie’s Stash Volume Two which also features Lukas’ brother Micah – Lukas and his band Promise of The Real also released a self titled album last year which made our top Twenty albums of last year alongside Willie and The Boys.

Lukas’ album delivers on every level, it is authentic, raw, lyrically smart, sharp and sonically brilliant. Just Outside Of Austin is a gorgeous song and was an instant favourite but the entire album is sheer brilliance.

In our interview with Lukas, Lukas said of the song “Somewhat an autobiographical song, I wrote it remembering a time when I was kind of hanging with this woman that I was with. I was considering marrying her and we were riding our horses on our property just outside of Austin where I live. We have a bunch of acreage out there with some horses and some land, so that is kind of where it was. I am not with that person anymore but it was definitely a snap shot of that time.”

Lukas just released the video for Just Outside Of Austin which features his father Willie Nelson. Watching this video gives us a bit of a window seat into Lukas’ homelife which looks like a breaktakingly beautiful home and the Nelsons come across as a very happy and loving family which is really lovely to see. As I have previously stated, I adore this song and watching the video for Just Outside of Austin – well…I think I fell in love with you (the song) again.

Lukas will rock the s*** out of the O2 Arena during C2C Festival in March especially at his after party show which I cannot wait for. If you like the rockier side to country then look no further than Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real. In an interview last year with us Lukas described his band name as;

So the name, to me, has a lot of meaning. It first of all is a mantra; every time I look at it, it reminds me of why I started the band, which was to be able to create my art in an authentic way, authentic to the moment, not influenced very much by what we were talking about earlier- by trend, or the idea that I might have to fit a certain mould with my art. It reminds me that I need to stay true to who I am in a world that could quite easily pull you into many directions, based on the trend of the times. The band name itself came from a Neil Young song called Walk On. My drummer and I met at a Neil Young concert and we started the band together soon after that, based on our love for Neil, really. His song Walk On is from his record On The Beach and it goes ‘Some get stoned, Some get strange, Sooner or later it all gets real’. So that’s the promise of the real – sooner or later it all gets real. Seven or eight years later we were Neil Young’s band as well so that’s a nice full circle turn of events there.”

Read the full interview here

Purchase Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real by Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real here

Buy it on CD Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real

Buy it on Vinyl Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real [VINYL]


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