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This album makes a nice change – it is pretty easy going with well crafted melodies and country music mixed with some great genres such as rock, brit pop, alternative rock which blended together, deliver an overall sound that is quite fresh and exciting. The album collectively has a relaxed vibe with a steady flow which makes the album really good to listen to and each song is instrumentally and vocally impressive.

The album kicks off with the song Born To Love which has a strong southern rock sound to it mixed with country Folk which makes the melody quite powerful and grabs your attention.

Long Live Tonight has an Old Dominion/Lady Antebellum feel to it with a very easy to sing a long to chorus. Musically this track is very very detailed which is an instant hit for me.

Pick You Up has a more country pop-rock way about it with laid back vocals throughout which make it quite the chill out tune.

The good mix of genres bring similarities to artists such as Florida Georgia Line in the song Singin’ At Stars and then they bring a bit of a brit pop style similar to the stylings of UK band Dodgy in the song Greatest Love Story as well as a Lumineers edge to it and is LANCO’s version of a ballad. This is my favourite song off the album. Greatest Love Story is just so sonically, vocally and lyrically addictive that I can’t stop playing it.

We Do has quite a lot going on sonically during the chorus which is quite loud but very catching.

Trouble Maker has a bit of a an 60’s British Rock sound to it which steers away from a typical country sound but not in a bad way. This is great tune with an affective, impacting melody.

Tracks such as Win You Over have a strong country sound melodically and is really up beat and country rock infused.

So Long (I Do) is a stand out tune for me with a nice soft rock country vibe going on and a nice infectious beat. The energy and slight heaviness to the song halfway through make it stand out just as much as the softer intro. This song is quite anthemic and will be a song that will be quite the epic moment in a live setting.

Middle Of Nowhere is another great track with a very strong country sound to it throughout which has instant appeal. I love the intro and the backing vocals which give it a chanting feel which again is another song that will go down a treat in a live setting and is so much fun – it almost has a folk – country edge to it which really draws you in. Again, those backing vocals, the collective chanting vocals, infectious!

Hallelujah Nights – this title tracks closes the album and in a beautiful way. This is another anthemic tune with so much energy and good vibes and is quite simply just a fantastic song. The background ‘whoah’ vocals really hit you and like I have mentioned many times will translate well in a live show.

There is no bad song on the album, no fillers and will appeal for fans of artists such as Old Dominion, Thomas Rhett, Florida Georgia Line and Brad Paisley. Hallelujah Nights is a gripping, atmospheric album with strong instrumentals and hardcore vibes that leave you itching to see the band live.

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