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Walker McGuire – EP Review

As one of the success stories from the UK’s Country Music Week last October, fans have been eagerly awaiting new music from Walker McGuire. Their single Til Tomorrow which is a cool country ballad  showcasing their sweet harmonies and talents as songwriters was already a hit among the country music community when it was released last year and the rest of the EP follows very smoothly and definitely does not disappoint.

The EP starts with Mysteries of The World and probably my favourite – the song has a positive upbeat melody which pulls in elements of artists such as Florida Georgia Line but better. Mysteries of The World is first class with strong radio play potential and a definite contender to be a high charted hit.

Current single Lost has a more mid tempo feel to it with a great country rock style and the song has an infectious sound melodically and vocally.

18 Forever is a song I remember a lot of people talking to me about last year. This song has such a modern country sound to it which always reminds me why I love this genre so much. This is a song that could easily fit in within todays country radio standards and is a song you could imagine being sung by any of todays dominating male country chart toppers so I hope that Walker McGuire get that sort of attention.

Best Kinda Bad has a stadium rock way about it and a lot of solid guitar work making the song a lot more electrifying than the rest.

Walker McGuire have a lot of appeal – as a duo they are easily identifiable and instantly likeable with strong personalities especially on stage but it also translates in their music.

This is a highly impressive and well crafted EP with all five songs having their own strength to be stand out singles. With a debut EP leaving this much of a mark, I can only imagine how gratifyingly good their full length album will be. Jordan Walker and Johnny McGuire both have a hand in writing their music and prove why it is that so many people assume they’re related. They work so well together lyrically and as their bio says, they may not be brothers in blood but you certainly wouldn’t know it by hearing them sing.

Purchase Walker McGuire – EP by Walker McGuire here

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