The Adelaides – Live at The Scala London – Review

Review and live photos by Bryony Jewell

Right now, there is space in country music for a cracking girl group brimming with personality. In fact, it’s an Adelaides sized hole.

Of course, we are always ready to welcome with open arms a group with catchy melodies and empowering lyrics, but what sets new band The Adelaides apart is their impressive knack for harmonies.

As the opening act for Megan McKenna’s UK tour, The Adelaides were promised an attentive young audience and that’s exactly what they got at Scala in London.

Kicking off the night with song Jack Daniels it became clear that the three strong band – Abi, Paris and Alicia – had a strong Pistol Annie’s vibe through their music and their style. On this track it was Paris’ voice which provided the softer, Ashley Monroe like moments, but also showed power behind the delicate beginnings.

Song I’d Do It Again indulged in the angry girl persona that country music legend Carrie Underwood made famous on Before He Cheats. The audience loved this sassy side and did not hesitate to join in clapping along to the catchy beat.

The Adelaides original song What Your Heart Would Say was introduced as a song “for anyone who’s been dumped” and proved to be a big hit. Lead by Abi for the first verse, the real treat came when the other two voices fitted together in the most beautiful way.

As their set progressed it was clear from the wealth of smiles between them that the girls are good friends as well as band mates, despite only performing together for less than a year. Their cover of Maren Morris’ My Church emphasised their clear love for country music and the fun they’re having performing the songs they love.

During No Survivors the girls ability to write touching songs was showcased. The intricate harmonies, lead by Abi’s brilliant vocals, created emotion and a real treat to listen too.

A standout moment of the evening was the fabulous cover of Sanctuary, made famous by TV show Nashville. There was definitely some Nashville fans in the audience singing whole-heartedly throughout the emotional performance.

The last song of the set came with a disclaimer. Describing it as being “for a boy who needs bringing down a peg …. or two…. or four” the girls soon made it clear that the ‘jelly baby’ was indeed “exactly what you think it is”. Alicia especially bought a fantastic attitude to the song which certainly got a few nods of recognition from the crowd.

The Adelaides gifted the audience memorable tunes which are the perfect blend of country and pop. Their songwriting ability and fabulous harmonies are sure to make them a household name in 2018.

Facebook: @theadelaidesuk

Twitter: @theadelaidesuk

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