Maren Morris gives a Five Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️performance at Bristol Anson Rooms

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A Five Star stellar performance – Maren not only showed us How It’s Done but gave us an evening of empowerment, sass and deep emotion that even the drunk girls cried.

Are you ready for a night of country music?” Laughed one security guard to another at The Anson Rooms in Bristol. It took all my strength not to educate them right there but I knew one thing, if Maren was there, She would say “Let Me Show You How It’s Done” and she certainly did show them.

It always astounds me to see how much a country artists music has reached an audience way beyond the usual crowd. Barely a recognisable face around, it was great to see a fresh audience who have clearly been captivated by Maren Morris and her music. I even saw people I used to work with who never in a million years would I think they knew who Maren was but that just goes to show just how good she is and how far her music stretches and could potentially go even further.

Maren is just a force to be reckoned with. There is no one quite like her and her music is not just country but blended with a bit of R & B, Soul and Jazz.

Maren strutted on the stage looking amazing and full of life. Maren commands her stage with her sassy, bad ass yet adorable attitude and gives it her all.  Flawless vocally, this girl could probably out sing anyone. If you have heard Maren’s music then you know she has an incredible range with quite a slick tone but recorded music doesn’t do her enough justice because live, she is something else.

Starting her set with Sugar, the audience knew every word and sang along loud and proud. Maren always expresses her gratitude to her audience and still seems baffled to how she has a fan base in the UK so big that it enables her to play sold out shows across the country.

Not a dull moment, Maren’s show was vibrant, strong, full of female empowerment and quite frankly the best damn thing I had seen in a long time.  Performing most songs off her multi award nominated album Hero – I asked myself “Why is Maren not the biggest selling artist in the music industry?” Forget Rihanna, Beyoncé, Adele and whoever else I am not clued up to know about, Maren kicks the hell out of all of them and the fact she writes all her own music gives her even more credibility and respect. This petite superstar should be selling out Arenas and I truly hope it won’t be long before she does. Maren belongs on a tall platform, a large stage – she belongs on mainstream radio, all genre charts and should be an artist that everyone you know is fighting tooth and nail to see live.

Maren’s wicked, slick, soulful and quirky vocals make her live shows insane. Her voice fills a room with such incredible force and energy that you would be hard pressed to find anyone not having a good time and not being blown away. Moments like Rich will stay in my memory forever with loud British accents screaming the chorus much to Maren’s Surprise. The chorus is so sassy and cool that it was a very fun to be a part of the collective.

The room was filled with mega fans for sure as every song Maren sung was sung back to her. Current UK single 80’s Mercedes held quite an energetic force and ballads such as I Could Use A Love Song and Once showed just how wide Maren’s vocal range truly is. I was personally excited to hear Company You Keep and Second Wind.

Wow factor moments came from her debut single My Church but even more so during her emotive collaboration of I Wish I Was with fiancé Ryan Hurd who are adorable on stage together as well as musically perfect with their vocals complimenting each other beautifully.

The show stopper though and the truly emotional and powerful part of the evening was Maren’s moving speech addressing the Las Vegas victims and all the hate in the world, she followed this by a stunningly beautiful performance of her charity single Dear Hate which stopped everyone in their tracks and gave everyone a moment to not just appreciate Maren’s artistry but to appreciate what we have in life.

Thank you Maren for a perfect evening of sensational music

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