Interview: Talking to Christina Taylor about her EP That Girl, who her favourite UK Country artist is and more

Christina Taylor is an up and coming country music singer/songwriter who grew up in Florida but currently resides in both North Carolina and Nashville. With her parents both being doctors, one would assume Christina may have followed in their footsteps but music is where her heart took her.

Christina recently released her EP That Girl via Go Long Entertainment, LLC, an Artist Development Company based in Nashville, TN and led by VP’s of Artist Development, Sherrie Austin and Will Rambeax.

I caught up with Christina to discuss her music, her favourite UK country artists and more.


Hi Christina – Hannah from Building Our Own Nashville here, how are you?

I’m great Hannah, thank you so much for featuring me on Building Our Own Nashville!

So for those who are unfamiliar with you – could you please introduce yourself and your background in music and was it always the career you wanted?

Hey y’all, my names Christina Taylor. I’m a country singer/songwriter from North Carolina and just made the big move to Nashville, Tennessee. My career started in the living room at about 3 years old singing and dancing to Shania Twain, Britney Spears and even Marilyn Manson. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember and am trying to make my long time dream of sharing my music with the world come true!

How supportive of your music were your parents or did they want you to follow in their footsteps?

My parents are my biggest supporters! Never once have they tried to point me in a different direction, and I’m so thankful for that.

Do you have any siblings? If so, are they musical?

I have one sister named Chloe and she is an actress and also has an AMAZING voice. Maybe one day we’ll do a song with each other so everyone can see how truly talented she is.

What is the country music scene like in North Carolina?

North Carolina has awesome Country Music fans. Country music is very prominent back home and I always have fun playing in my home town.

Tell us about your song “Don’t Look Good In Your T-Shirt Anymore” – who were the writers on it and what was the influence behind the song?

I wrote “Don’t Look Good In Your T-Shirt Anymore” with Sherrie Austin and Will Rambeaux and it was based on a personal experience. I was going through my first break up and I had to get rid of all of his baggage, including the favorite t-shirt of his I used to wear, because it just didn’t fit right anymore now that we had fallen out of love.

Radio Disney has been supporting the song quite a lot – how does that feel because they seem to support and bring out some great Country artists.

I am SO thankful for Radio Disney Country’s support. They support amazing artists, so to be apart of that roster of artists is so surreal. Radio Disney Country fans are the best!!

Speaking of Disney – you must be a fan, right? If so, what is your favourite Disney film?

My favorite Disney Film is Beauty and The Beast! I’ve loved that movie for as long as I can remember.

If you could play any character in a live adaptation of a current Disney animation, who would it be?

I would be Elsa from Frozen! I think she is beautiful and has an even more beautiful voice.

What Disney song do you think would sound good countryfied?

I think “Let It Go” from Frozen would sound very interesting countrified and I would definitely want to try it!

You have released your EP That Girl – how has the response to it been so far and what has been the biggest surprise to you since its release?

The response to my EP That Girl has been nothing short of amazing!! The biggest surprise to me after releasing the EP was how many people have reached out to me telling me their own story’s of how they relate to my songs. I don’t just write music for myself, I write for other people as well, so it means the world to me to know people relate to my music.

How would you describe the EP and your sound?

The EP represents my sound really well, it’s Country Soul music. I have a lot of Soul influences so it’s been so fun merging that with the Country side of my music.

Do you have a favourite song off the EP? If so which one and why?

I don’t have a favorite song on the EP, I love them all too much!! They are all so unique and each of them tell a different story.

Tell us about the title track off the EP and the message you hope people to receive from it.

That Girl” was the first song I wrote when I got to Nashville. I had always prided myself on being a strong, and independent woman growing up. But then I met a boy and he made me crazy! I became “That Girl” everybody talks about where all she can think about is her boyfriend. I wanted this song to be an anthem for women who have been through the same thing or women who are in the middle of it. I wanted to say “this may be where you’re at now, but you don’t have to stay being that girl. You can be the girl you once were”.

What does country music mean to you and do you believe music is a healer?

I come from a family of healers, my dad is a doctor and my mom is a nurse. I always thought I would end up in that field of work and I did, just in a different way. My medicine is music, country music in particular. Hearing a country song that speaks to your soul and is something you can relate to can truly heal whatever you’re going through. I knew what it felt like to hear a country song and forget about whatever I had going on at the moment, and I wanted to do that for people too.

What is the nicest thing you have heard a fan say about the words you sing?

I had a fan write me a long letter about how she heard me sing my song “Don’t Look Good In Your T-Shirt Anymore” live before I had recorded it. She said she had been waiting for it to become available to buy and how when she heard me sing it live she wrote down some of the lyrics in her phone because the words were so close to her heart. She had just been cheated on and was going through and break up and the lyrics encouraged her to find love again while on her trip in Nashville. Knowing somebody was helped by my own words and experience is priceless and is the reason I do what I do.

If It Ain’t One Thing” is such a fun song – was it always a given to be the first track off the EP as I think it so powerful that it makes you want to listen to the whole EP.

If It Ain’t One Thing” was always a contender to be the first song on the EP because of its positivity. I wanted to start the EP off on a happy note, I thought that was important.

Do you have a favourite song to perform and which song gets the best crowd reaction?

My favorite song to perform changes every time I perform but this last time I sang live I had the most fun with “Don’t Look Good In Your T-Shirt Anymore”. It got a great reaction front the audience and I could tell people we’re really listening to the words.

Where are your favourite places to eat in Nashville?

There are so many great restaurants in Nashville but some of my favorite places are Bar Taco, Local Taco, and Frothy Monkey. They are all SO good!

Tell us about Denver and Daisy

Denver and Daisy are two Labrador Retriever/Golden Retriever puppies I rescued about 3 weeks ago. They have such amazing and different personalities and they have quickly become my fur babies and I love them so much. They tag a long with me to the studio and interviews because they are so little right now I just can’t stand to leave them alone!!

You have been selected as part of CMT Artist Discovery- could you tell us a bit about that?

Being selected as a CMT Discovery Artist has been insane!! I couldn’t be more thankful for CMT’s support. Being on a platform you’ve seen some of your favorite artists on is a pretty surreal experience.

Do you know any UK country artists?

Yes! I love Dexeter. Their song “Slow It Down” is such a jam!!

Do you have any plans to play In the UK?

I would absolutely love to play in the U.K. one day!! I think after I release some more new music it will be in the cards for sure.

Who is your dream tour buddy?

My dream tour buddy is Eric Church or P!nk. They are so raw and real and that inspires me more than anything else.

Are you working on new music? If so when can we expect it and will it have a similar sound to the current EP?

I am in the studio right now working on new music and I am SO excited for everyone to hear it. We don’t have a release date yet, but if you keep checking out my social media you will get updates!!

Thank you so much for chatting today and hope to see you in the UK soon.

Purchase That Girl – EP by Christina Taylor here


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