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Interview: Talking to Temecula Road about their new music, their UK fans and much more

Temecula Road are really starting to build a home for themselves here in the UK. Having only been here twice, it is obvious that Maddie, Emma and Dawson have made quite the impact on the UK country fans with their well crafted, fabulous country pop tunes, their captivating performances and infectious personalities.

Temecula Road came over to the UK for the second time as part of Country Music Week and played various shows. I caught their show during the Daytime Hub and had a little chat beforehand with them. I love these guys, they are so down to earth, so friendly and I could have chatted all day.


Hi guys – how are you?

Dawson: Good, how are you?

Good, thanks – it’s been a while.

Dawson: Yes, since C2C.

Emma: Six months now, I think now – or seven.

Welcome back!

Emma: Thank you!

How does it feel to be back after such a good response at C2C? You must have been itching to come back?

Dawson – Yeah, once we left we had to come back! It’s been awesome this trip; we have been playing some shows, doing interviews, some awesome things like getting to see more of the city, too. We weren’t here for long last time, and we aren’t here for long this time either, so we are just trying to fit it all in.

You did an Instagram take over the last time you were here for C2C, so you got to see a lot of the landmarks last time?

Dawson: Yes.

Emma: Big Ben and all the landmarks – it was super cool!

How have the audiences been this time, as it is a slightly different format as instead of stand-alone shows you have been opening for artists such as Eric Paslay?

Dawson – I think the fans here are just awesome and they all fit into the category of being just so dedicated, diving in and doing their homework on artists. As artists, we really appreciate that, and Eric was amazing. Oh my gosh, we thought that he was going to go full band but then he stripped everything off the stage to just him and his guitar and he killed it.

Emma: It was awesome.

Dawson: Killed it!

I haven’t had a chance to see him yet.

Dawson: He is so good, vocally he is incredible.

Maddie: He is so nice too, we got to meet him and he was so nice.

Dawson: He is like six foot five.

Girls laugh.

Dawson: That’s without boots on!

Wow! I didn’t realise.

Dawson: We were all on tip toes next to him, haha!

You are now signed to Decca over here which is amazing – massive congratulations!

Dawson: Thank you!

They are one of my favourite labels as they have some great Country artists such as The Shires, Una Healy, Lucie Silvas and now yourselves. Did you know about the signing when you were here for C2C, or did that visit prompt the signing?

Emma: I think it was in the works when we were at C2C – so it’s official now.

Dawson: We were at Decca and met a lot of people at the office which was really great. Everyone is super nice over there and we are really happy to be part of the team.

Yes, I saw the photo of you all there. Have you listened to any of their other artists such as The Shires?

Dawson: Yes. The Shires are awesome, I have been meaning to listen to them more – we have heard them live before and they are incredible.

Typically, they are currently in Nashville whilst you are over here.

Emma: Oh really? Gosh that’s funny!

I hope you get to write with them – Ben is an amazing writer.

Emma – Didn’t we meet them last time we were here?

Dawson – We did. It was right at the beginning of C2C and they received a CMA award on stage. We were backstage that night, so we got to meet them and they were very nice.

I saw a photo with you and Bob Harris this week – did you go and do a live session with him on Radio 2?

Dawson – Yes.

Emma – Yes, and we were there last time that we were over, too. It was really nice catching up with him again.

Dawson – How can you not love Bob Harris?

Don’t you just love his voice?

Dawson – Ha, YES, I remember I loved it – but when he opened his mouth to speak and all of a sudden he says (in Bob’s voice) “and that’s Temecula Road” I was like ‘There it is, there it is!’

That’s why they call him The Whispering Bob Harris.

Dawson: Really?

Maddie – Yeah, that’s his username, I want it to be my user name.

Dawson – Haha – The Whispering Maddie!

You just released your debut UK single Hoping. I know we discussed this in our last interview but the single has already been out in the US for a while now. How has it been received here and have the audience been singing along to it? Why that single for the UK debut?

Emma – We have done two shows in the past week since we have been here and we have had fans singing along to it, which is crazy as it hasn’t been out for long. It’s really cool to see the fans really connecting with it, that’s a song that we really connect with.

Dawson – Our most currently released single in the US is Everything Without You, but I feel like the reason why we wanted to go with Hoping here is because it’s kind of a fun, upbeat song and it shows a lot of our personalities. We really wanted to start off with that one here and then let Everything Without You do its thing later. Both are great songs, but Hoping was more fun, upbeat and a good one to start here with.

You sang that at C2C didn’t you? I remember it very well, so that’s a good thing as a lot of people would have remembered it too, all this time later.

Dawson: Yeah, and it was unreleased.

On to Everything Without You; so far, this is the most emotional song you have released. Was it a song you absolutely had to have?

Maddie: Yes, from the moment we heard it, I said ‘We have to have this song’. It’s is my favourite song I have ever heard.

Emma: I feel, as you said, that it is our first emotional song and we really love this one.

Dawson: It pulls on your heartstrings.

Oh, it really does!

Emma: Whenever we perform it people come up to us and say ‘Oh, my gosh! Everything about you is so good’, so it was nice to hear the feedback before we even put it out.

Was it always going to be a female lead, vocally?

Emma: Yes.

Dawson: Yes, it just kind of worked out that way. We put everything in the workshop and with that one we agreed that it needed a female lead and harmonies.

It is such a beautiful song.

Dawson: Thank you.

But I love all your more upbeat, bouncy songs too – I think today (Daytime Hub) is going to be really fun and I know a few fans who are really excited.

Dawson: You will be there too, right?

I will be there.

Dawson: Awesome, awesome.

I can’t wait!

What celebrity or fictional character would you rather do nothing with than everything without?

Dawson: Say that one more time?

Haha! This sounded so much better in my head, trying to be clever – totally backfired!

All laugh.

What Celebrity or fictional character would you rather do nothing with than everything without?

Dawson: Oh, ok…ooh.

Basically who would you want to hang out with, haha – which would have been a simpler way of putting it, but I wanted to try and be clever with the single, haha!

Emma: That’s a good one!

Dawson: Ha, I am thinking probably a fictional character.

Maybe the character from Cars?

(Whole room laughs as everyone knows that Dawson is obsessed with Disney’s animation Cars)

Emma: Yes, Mater!

All laugh.

Dawson: That’s so funny because I actually almost said that and then thought, no wait I can’t make myself look like a fool – but you know what….? Go with – Mater from Cars, haha!

And you’re a fan too, right Emma?

Emma: Oh, my gosh! It’s like my favourite movie – I love Cars.

You are all going to hate me because I fell asleep in the cinema watching Cars.

Emma: You did? Oh, my goodness, we’re going to have to take you again.

I have got in on dvd for my son, so I shall watch it again, ha! What about you Maddie?

Maddie: I don’t know, I watch a lot of tv shows so probably someone from Friends or Grey’s Anatomy.


Dawson: That’s like twenty characters, haha!

Maddie: I know I can’t just pick one person, ha!

What item can you not do without when you are going on tour?

Emma: Ooh.

Dawson: Let’s exclude cell phones because everyone will say that.

OK, or instruments.

Emma: Or toothbrush!

Yes, so not including essentials.

Dawson: For me, I am going to say headphones. Like noise cancelling headphones

Maddie: Just things?

Or dogs, I know you love dogs – which reminds me, did you ever get your golden doodle?

Dawson: You have a great memory!

Maddie: No, I haven’t got one yet.

Emma: I got a dog now.

Oh nice, what breed?

Emma: A German Shepherd.


Dawson: He is not travel sized, but he’s a good boy.

Emma: I would take my dog if I could.

Who would you like to write with if there was one person that you could.

Dawson: Oh, gosh!

Maddie: I think Maren Morris – she is really good right now.

Who is your dream ‘tour buddy’?

Emma: Dan + Shay.

Maddie: Carrie Underwood.

Dawson: I would say Brett Young – he is from California and we could just hang out; it would be awesome.

Nice, and he is over here right now, too.

Dawson: Yes we just saw him at BBC Radio 2 – he was just doing a live show with Bob right before us.

That’s pretty cool.

What have you got planned for the rest of the year?

Emma: We are going to the CMA Awards, which is going to be really fun. We have a Christmas song coming out.

Ooh, I was going to ask what you were going to do for Christmas.

Emma: Haha, yes – so, a Christmas song – and just do a lot of shows.

What about Halloween? You guys doing anything? In America you seem to go all out, but we don’t much here, sadly.

Dawson: As the years have gone on it has kind of died down for me – I didn’t even dress up or trick or treat last year, but then I am trying to stay healthy too. This year, I am going all out and I think we actually have a show in L.A. It is like a Halloween show, so we get to dress up – so get your costumes ready, girls!

Girls: Ohh!

Dawson: Haha, it is going to be so awesome – I don’t even know who I want to be.

Emma: Mater!


Dawson: I have to be able to play guitar so it can’t be something too crazy.

Oh, my gosh! Imagine being in a massive Mater costume on stage playing guitar; you yourself would have completely disappeared whilst this giant car is playing guitar, haha!

All laugh.

Well, thank you so much for chatting to me again – it has been so much fun as usual.

Dawson: Well it was lovely to see you again.

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