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Indigo Summer – Indigo Summer – Album Review

I have been such a huge fan and supporter of Indigo Summer for about a year and a half now – in fact they were one of the first artists that I ever covered when I started this website and have been a huge influence on why I continued to keep the site going.

This duo have become one of my favourite artists in a long time and I am over the moon that they have finally and officially released their debut album digitally – now everyone else can experience just how good this duo are. In a genre that has a huge amount of country pop artists, you can’t gloss over Indigo Summer as they are one of the best in my opinion.

Currently unsigned, this duo need to have a major record deal asap as not only do they deserve it but the labels would be lucky to have them. Over the last year and a half, Indigo Summer have gradually been releasing songs from their album one song every month or so. The first release was their summer anthem, a highly infectious upbeat party tune Slow Down Summer.

Overall, the album is quite diverse with a range of fun lovin’ tunes to some serious ballads and mid tempo tracks which quite frankly knock a lot of the mainstream country songs out of the park.

Indigo Summer which consists of Bryan Edwards and Hope Nix – met in 2010 at a songwriter’s night at The Hotel Indigo in Nashville, hence how the name Indigo Summer came to be.

Prior to forming Indigo Summer, both Bryan and Hope performed as solo artists, opening for some of the biggest names in Country Music such as Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, and Charlie Daniels. As well as performing, they are both talented songwriters; Bryan can boast a successful song already, as he co-wrote If She Could See Me Now on Jason Aldean’s triple – platinum album My Kinda Party.

The album begins with Ah Yeah! Which when I first heard this over a year ago, became an instant favourite and set such a good example and flow for the rest of the album. It’s addictive right from the start with the whistling intro which flows straight into Hope’s gorgeous, southern vocal. The chorus, well I just love it so much, it is the best kind of catchy and certainly makes you want to get up sing and dance.

Lookin’ Like That in particular is a song that you could hear being cut by Lady Antebellum. This track is everything that has been missing in the current country music market, in fact the whole album is but this song in particular you could imagine being on a huge artists album.

Wants What It Wants is enchantingly beautiful and sonically one of the best songs I have heard in a long time. Hope and Bryan’ voices blend so perfectly together and are truly the perfect vocal marriage. This song…words, where have you gone? I can’t describe it enough to give it justice.

A1a is a very fun song and really quite different but infectious as hell. I love the style to this song with the talk-singing, it is a very clever song in many ways, lyrically, sonically and vocally.

Something You Miss is a stunning country ballad with so much potential to be a chart topper. It is so well crafted and the melody is top form in such a spellbinding way. Hope’s voice is wonderfully melodious on this track and it really is a song not to be missed. This is a mid-tempo song which has such a beautiful and sweet , adorable, uplifting melody that is not only infectious but is also such a joy to listen to – the piano accompaniment plays around in my head over and over again, I just cannot get enough of it.

#Summertime is another up beat summer tune which has a youthful pop appeal. Turn up your car stereo and blast this tune out and spread the word.

Pop, Fizz, Clink a fun, exciting tune with so much energy – it is one of those guilty pleasure songs with a fizzy pop vibe much like the title. It is a feel-good song, a song to sing with your girlfriends or guy friends with your hairbrushes, a song to play loudly in the car or a song just to listen to at home. Either way, it will get your toes tappin’ for sure and you will be singing along in no time.

Not To is a mature, catchy song with a sweet-sounding, foot-tapping melody that has instant appeal.The song is about attraction, temptation and how hard it is to Not To do all the things that you know you shouldn’t. This song is likely to be relatable to a lot of people and as Hope said to me in an interview – ‘especially when there is drink involved’. The song’s setting is in a night-club and the lyrics tell us of dressing up for the occasion, in the hope that the other person makes an appearance, and all those oh-so regrettable decisions you make when drinking that seemed like such a good idea at the time. Hmm, been there? All they need to put in the lyrics, is something about a stupid drunken text message and I think they have described every woman who has access to a mobile phone on a night out haha! Or even every man? I like the line ‘I’m gonna stay after all my friends have left’ which, to me, explains the knowledge that your friends will try to prevent you from making a bad decision so best to wait till they aren’t around – oh no! Boy am I glad I am married and don’t have to go through these kind of situations again, haha.

Hate Lovin’ You is an incredibly beautiful ballad with such a spellbinding melody which is truly captivating. This song shows off Hope and Bryan’s vocals on a whole new level and It gives me goosebumps. Again, so much better than some of the biggest songs in country at the moment.

Before Tonight – The verse starts of relatively slow and then flows into a more up tempo chorus with a louder impact and infectious sing along words. Bryan and Hope’s ability to translate experiences and feelings into relatable lyrics are first-rate and shows both talent and skill. Before Tonight is the kind of song that will appeal to anyone from the younger generation to older. I wouldn’t say that there is a typical demographic to their music.

A Girl Like You is a song I can imagine being cut by someone like Jason Aldean which is hardly surprising seeing as Bryan has written songs for him before. In fact I can imagine many top male artists wanting to cut this song but I am so glad they kept it for themselves.

Ending with their debut single Slow Down Summer which is one of their most fun’lovin and wonderfully cheesy tunes but it is a definite ear catcher and a hell of a song to get you in a good mood.

Why are this duo not signed? Why are they not the biggest duo in country music? As much as I love todays mainstream duo’s I could take or leave a lot of their album tracks but with Indigo Summer it’s take take take for me.

This album is so well produced and very well written that it needs to gain a lot of recognition but it is early days yet.

There is not even one bad song on this album, not even one mediocre song, all are single worthy, radio friendly, on par with some of the best such as Lady Antebellum and I honestly cannot rave enough about this duo.

Indigo Summer have gifted us with a delightfully captivating album full of twelve little treats right in time for Christmas –this sets the bar for any artist.

Purchase Indigo Summer by Indigo Summer here


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