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Midland – On The Rocks – Album Review

Is traditional country music coming back and pushing out the pop country sound? I don’t know about pushing the current style of country out but there is certainly room for the traditional sound to make a come back and impact our radios and charts in a big way. A style we once thought was lost forever could be returning thanks to the likes of current artists such as Kacey Musgraves, Brandy Clark and more and we couldn’t be happier.

I remember listening to Midland when their EP came out and being very curious and admittedly on the fence at first. I couldn’t decide at first on them but also couldn’t stop listening which made me realise they were likely to grow into a band that I loved. When On The Rocks was released it was nice to see the EP songs featured so I had an idea of what to expect.

Midland have delivered not just an authentic country sound in their music but have crafted it in such a way that it has bridged the gap between old and modern and made it relevant, cool and exciting.

The album kicks off with a very strong honky tonk sounding tune in Lonely For You Only which transports you back to a mix of 70’s-90’s styled country and if you weren’t a country fan, there is no way that this song or in fact this album can be mistaken for any other genre which is rare these days.

Make A Little is yet another strong song and great to get up and dance to and maintains the authentic vibe.

Drinkin’ Problem was without a doubt an excellent choice as the lead single off the debut album from Midland and is catchy as hell with its addictive chorus and easy going melody. The rest of the album is on par if not better with many stand out songs in particular Check Cashin’ Country which has become my favourite and one song I look forward to listening to. What makes the album so good is that I am not tempted to skip any songs to get to my favourite and I just enjoy the lead up to it and soak up all the albums goodness.

Other highlights for me are Nothin’ New Under The Neon, This Old Heart and Altitude Adjustment.

Midland are like marmite though I think, you either love them or you don’t but I have yet to come across anyone who doesn’t.

I cannot wait for them to be part of C2C Festival in the UK – they will steal the weekend I think.

Purchase On the Rocks by Midland here



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