Is That Really A Country Song?

It seems like more and more artists are heading down the pop-country or cross over route recently, leaving many of us asking; is that really country?

However, if you’re trying to get your friends into country music these tracks may be an safe way to ease them in … and may even escape notice when slid into the night out playlist (tried and tested!)

Here are a selection of songs featuring country artists that really push the boundaries of what is country:

Lady Antebellum and Audien Something Better

Lady A feature on progressive house, trance, and electro house producer Audien’s 2015 EP, Daydreams. A strange match you say? Well yes, but is it possible for Hillary’s vocals to sound bad on anything?

Florida Georgia Line and Bebe RexhaMeant To Be

More known for mainstream dance and rap songs – and having collaborated with 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne – Bebe Rexha surprised her fans by having FGL feature on the All Your Fault: Part 2 EP released in August. Her vocals sounds flawless alongside FGL’s southern twang and the song is sure to be a great cross over record – as well as being hella catchy!

Hunter Hayes and Jason MrazEverybody’s Got Somebody But Me

Throwback to 2011 and Hunter Hayes (Encore) album for this cheeky duet. A fun and short song at only 2.39 minutes it tells the anguish of seeing everyone around you find love – all set to a upbeat, sing-along tune and a cute video of the two frolicking around a park to match.

Dolly Parton and KeshaOld Flames (Can’t Hold a Candle To You)

Kesha’s new album was highly anticipated in its own right and has some amazing songs, but when I stumbled upon a duet with Dolly Parton it took on a whole new level of love. Dolly and Kesha beautifully update Merle Haggard’s classic for a new generation of listeners.

Lionel Richie and 1/2 of Country Music on his Tuskegee album

Okay that may be a little dramatic, but every track on Tuskegee (and on the deluxe edition there is 16) contains a duet or collaboration with a country artist. Rascal Flatts join him for ‘Dancing On The Ceiling’, Shania Twain is featured on ‘Endless Love’ and Willie Nelson sings on ‘Easy’. You’ll also hear collabs with Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw and Jennifer Nettles on Lionel’s 2012 ode to his Alabama hometown.

Article by Bryony Jewell


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